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Series 3
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Person of Interest - S05E07 - "QSO" - 05/24/2016

After the weekend wedding, we jump straight back into the Machine Wars

Getting back into the city, we find our heroes at Fusco’s bedside at the hospital.
Fusco did make it out of the tunnel alive (and so did Bear!) but he’s (somewhat justifiably) pissed off at Reese and Finch for keeping him out of the loop.

While Reese and Finch decide to guard Fusco, the Machine sends Root out on some more side missions.
It’s a fun and a more in depth look at what Root does while Reese and Finch are often chasing numbers. This one includes saving the life of a Russian diplomat while posing as a ballerina.

But that’s not enough for Root, who keeps pleading with the Machine about Shaw’s status.
Finally, the Machine sends Root out on a mission that may help Shaw after Root ditches her cover of a Colonial reenactor.

Meanwhile Shaw’s still being tortured by Samaritan’s doctor and she’s looking pretty rough but she does manage to get in a few licks on her captors.
(I liked the look the guards gave each other when the doctor told them to bandage her hand.)

Our friendly Samaritan doctor decides to take Sameen on another “field trip”.

Meanwhile, Root has stepped for the producer of Art Bell type radio show host Max Green (30 Rock’s Scott Adsit).
It turns out that Max has tumbled onto a secret radio signal masquerading as interference but really contains a secret code.
When a mysterious entity fakes an on-air suicide of one of Max’s listeners Warren, who’s been helping him decode the signal, it doesn’t take Root and Reese (and us) to realize that it’s Samaritan that’s behind the signal and now Max is in it’s sights.

Root realizes that she can use the signal to send a message to Shaw and it’s a good thing to.
Shaw’s latest “field trip” was the doctor showing Shaw a researcher who’s work could have unintended effects on the World ecosystem.
Shaw thinking it’s another simulation, shoots the researcher dead but later finds out it was real (I figured it out when she shot her).

As result, Shaw has lost all hope and is considering killing herself when she gets Root’s message (four alarm fire) just in the nick of time.

And while Max promised that he’d keep quiet about the signal, he goes back on the air to break that promise.
And of course, promptly gets poisoned by the station receptionist who’s a Samaritan operative.

Meanwhile, Fusco tell Finch that if you’re not going respect enough to tell me the whole truth, I quit.

So the question is, did the Machine know that Max wouldn’t stay silent and sent Root in there anyways to give Shaw hope.

An interesting look into Root's world and we're getting back to the Machine Wars.

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I always enjoy Root's covers.
Especially love her as a ballerina.

I just hope Fusco doesn't get recruited by Sam.

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Season 5 of Person Of Interest finally got interesting.

Note that this was actually two episodes broadcast back-to-back on the same night (5-24-16) in case anyone only watched a single hour.

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Old 06-15-2016, 07:48 AM   #4
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I expected this episode to not have a simulation strictly from the story telling point and the number of eps left. At some point the writers HAVE to transition towards the "end game".

I do think it was a strong ep after last week's.

I am working on catching up but I wonder if it's entirely possible that everything we are seeing right now is actually a simulation from our machine, from the angle of trying to determine what samaritan may or may not be able to do and what info Shaw may or may not give up, in the effort to determine where risks may lie. OF course that would be very sharky.

I loved the whole notion of free will in this episode and, assuming they could get the rights, I could see Rush playing in the outro of the final episode.... One can wish, right?

Being a techie person and loving the free will, what will the future hold angle of many movies (BTTF, T2, etc), I am liking the end they seem to be driving towards. I really liked Michael Emerson's redemption arc in Lost and I am liking his arc here too a lot!

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There was a moment in either this episode or the previous episode where I thought maybe the overall goal of Samaritan was to eventually put everyone into their own or shared virtual reality (The Matrix style). Not to get energy off them or whatever the reasoning was in The Matrix but just because people would be easier to control without having to kill them. People would be able to live approved structured lives.

My thought didn't last long.

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