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Downloaded shows will not play on ipad

I downloaded several shows to my ipad using my tivo stream. The process is pretty awful because the least thing will stop the process and cause me to manually restart it. I ended up spending several days to download 15 or so shows. I finally got everything downloaded and I decided to spot check a couple because I've had problems in the past. I ended up testing them all. Only 3 would play. The other times I got either a black screen (I waited several minutes but video never played), a message saying that an error occurred while playing the video, or the app crapped and dumped me back to the home screen.

I've restarted the app (and it's restarted itself), restarted the ipad, and finally uninstalled the app from my ipad and reinstalled it. That meant all my recorded shows are deleted but no loss if they won't play. I've started downloading an hour show but 15 minutes in and it still reports 39 minutes to go. I'll be on a plane tomorrow before I can download everything again.

I realize the app is free so maybe my expectations are too high but the stream wasn't free and it's been one of the worst pieces of hardware I've purchased in a long time. The old process of using tivo desktop was tedious but it worked 100% of the time. Tivo, if you are reading, your hardware stinks, and your software seems to have gotten worse in the past 14 years. The moment that Hulu plus or Netflix or Amazon or HBO Go allows for offline playback you're done. How can you have such a head start and have so little to show for it? The cloud is going to eat your lunch if you don't take the only asset you have, content actually stored on your equipment, and capitalize on it.

I'm going to end up buying shows from iTunes or Amazon that I already have on my Tivo but I know those versions will actually work. Sorry for the rant but I work in the consumer electronics industry and write software for a living and this is so bad on so many levels.

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Originally Posted by JHeavner View Post
I downloaded several shows to my ipad using my tivo stream. The process is pretty awful because the least thing will stop the process and cause me to manually restart it.
I've had no problems whatsoever with Tivo Stream or with copying shows to my iPad, although I will admit that I haven't tried it anywhere near 15 times.

I'm not sure how well-qualified I'd be to help you troubleshoot, but I do feel like I need more information. The quote above baffles me: What do you mean "the least thing will stop the process"? What kind of "least thing"? You do have to keep the TiVo app running during this process, which means you shouldn't be trying to do anything else on the iPad. And it does take some time for the transfer; it's faster than "actual" program time, but it's still a long process.

Are you transferring SD or HD programming? Do you have enough free memory on the iPad to handle the size of the shows you're transferring? Which model of iPad are you using? Are you running the most current version of iOS? All of these things might help point to clues to your problem.


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