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Old 02-26-2013, 10:23 PM   #1
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Smash "The Song" (2/26/2013, Spoilers)

I finally figured out what is bugging me about Karen this season, and it hit me when the commercial for Twilight came on. Karen is very much in the same vein as Bella from Twilight - absolutely no characteristics of her own, other than being completely milquetoast. Again tonight, Karen was left standing in the street whimpering. Ugh. Grow a backbone!

After having won the competition for "most hated characters on television" last year with the character of Ellis, they re-enter the competition with this stage mom. Ugh. I so wanted to throw her through the window. When one of the characters on this show says "Isn't she a little old to have a momager?" the writers of this show should have stopped to think "Hmm. Yeah, I guess she is."

Speaking of Ellis - really? They KNOW the audience hates Ellis. Why bring him up, except solely to piss off the few people they have left watching this show? The only thing it did was make Jerry look even more like the comic book villain that he is. I mean hell, they even had him take his turn at the mustache-twirling and gloating. Can they BE any more cliche?

I laughed when they said that Bravo was filming the concert, mostly because that is exactly the kind of thing that Bravo USED to show, but is exactly the polar opposite of the kind of thing that they'd show now. It's like NBC/Comcast suits had them include the reference, without even realizing that it unintentionally makes fun of how badly that channel has drifted from it's original format.

I liked the big song at the end. (I did find it ridiculously implausible that they'd invite out the songwriters at the end. Sorry, but that doesn't happen.)

Apparently, I've now I've climbed onto the "hatewatching" bandwagon.

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Old 02-26-2013, 10:56 PM   #2
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I've still got a SP, but after reading your rundown each week, I'm kind of glad I haven't had time to watch any eps yet.

I think I'll hold off a bit longer.

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I really liked the episode, but LoadStar is right on target. Karen is defined by the men around her, just like Julia did with Marilyn. She's passive-aggressive: pursuing Jimmy and Kyle, pushing Derek to listen to their stuff, but letting people get away with anything when it comes to her. Bleah.

I thought the momager was fitting: yes, she WAS too old for one, but she had one anyway, who always told her what to do. Who kept her in the baby-doll image because that's what the mom wanted. At this concert she basically "fired" her mom.

We knew Jerry had been getting information from someone, and they hadn't even shown US who it was. I guessed it was Ellis, even if we never saw him again. I suppose I don't mind the comic book/cliche stuff as much as you... that's kinda what this whole show is about, eh? I AM very excited to see Jerry producing the show, and how the three interact with him. In a season or so, he will be unable to produce the show, and Eileen will have to help him.

They had to use Bravo, I guess... is there another NBC-owned channel that would show it?

That last song was a killer... she really can bring it. But you're right: no one would bring the newbie songwriters onstage (but you knew she would... that's how the comic books go!).


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