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Missing channels after a manual add/recording..HELP PLEASE!!!

OK....new problem...

A few days ago I lost ½ my channels from from my Tivo channel lineup...even though I still got those channels and could watch them.

I called Tivo and after a few phone calls, found someone who understood the problem and said they would see what they could do in the next few days.

Meanwhile, so I would not miss some shows, I set up manual recordings on about ½ of the channels that were missing from my Tivo lineup.

After I lost these channels, but BEFORE I did the manual recordings, here is what you would see if you looked at my Channel Listing in my Tivo Settings (NOTE – Channel 37 is Disney...it went missing from my lineup, but I could still watch it and set up manual recordings):


<check/un-check button> 35 – A&E
<check/un-check button> 36 – USA
<check/un-check button> 38 – SPIKE

NOTE – It just skipped 37..no box, no #, no nothing

AFTER I did the Manual recordings, here is what it looked like -


<check/un-check button> 35 – A&E
<check/un-check button> 36 – USA
<check/un-check button> 37
<check/un-check button> 38 – SPIKE

NOTE – There was just a blank space after 37 where normally it should say Disney.

Same situation for about 10 other channels.

Now, yesterday I get a message from Tivo that they have added back in all the channels that were missing.

Good news:

Every channel that was missing, that I did not set up any manual recordings on, that looked like EXAMPLE 1, are back in my lineup, with guide info, & no problems.

Bad news:

Every channel that I did manual recordings on, that looked (and still look) like EXAMPLE 2 is not back..even though the message I got from Tivo says they should be.

I have done “guided setup” with both the <check/un-check button> that is in front of the channel numbers checked AND unchecked and I still do not have the channels back in my Tivo channel lineup...even though the channel lineup that I have downloaded in “guided setup” says they are all in it.

No matter what I do, those lines in my channel lineup (ie. <check/un-check button> 37 ) will just not clear or replace themselves with the correct channel listing.


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Old 01-14-2013, 10:14 AM   #2
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I believe after a full channel scan, it seems to reset the Guide data listings and they have to repopulate all over again.

Of course if these people would realize one doesn't need or want to do a full dual mode scan just to add a couple of channels and provide a "add channel" option like just about every other tuner has, it would make situations as this easier to deal with.

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