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Get use MoCA for second router...

Hi - this is my first time posting here, and beware, i probably have no idea what i am talking about... I tried searching for this topic, but didn't have any luck...

Some background:
I have some TiVo receivers at my home with service through RCN. My internet router is in the kitchen on the middle of the first floor. I know this is not the ideal area for a wifi router, but that isn't my problem.

One tv (with a TiVo Premier) is on far end of the 2nd floor. This receiver has a Actiontec MoCA adapter to get the internet signal it needs. However, my regular Wifi signal is very weak in that part of the home.

Now to my question:
Is it possible to harness the internet signal through the coax cable to connect a second wifi router in that tv room on the 2nd floor? What I wonder specifically, is if i can connect the ethernet cable from the MoCA adapter to a router, and then a cable from the router to the reciever (so that connection is complete). Then i'll also have wifi in that part of the house.

I haven't been able to get an answer from RCN or TiVo regarding this.

Sorry for the long-winded post.. Hope my questions is clear.

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Yep, it's possible to put a router in bridge mode and extend your network over the coax.

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There's likely more than one way to do what you need to do but it will depend on the equipment that you have now. You might list the modem used, the router presently and the Actiontec adapter.

List the model #'s and maybe your location. If you have RCN in let's say Nothern Virginia you're in a very dense FiOS area and there's multitudes of FiOS equipment "cheap" that can accomplish what you need. How many and which TiVo receivers also?

Actiontec I believe does two different Access Points for MoCA.

RCN might actually offer equipment but if you don't ask for "specific" equipment model #'s the CSR you're discussing it with might likely not understand and be able to interpret your needs.

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