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new hard drive old tivo

I have an old HDR112 tivo that the old hard drive died. Can I buy a hard drive from Amazon and drop it in as long as it is IDE? What is the most gb I can install?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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You can't just drop in a new hard drive. The Appropriate version of the Tivo software needs to be installed on the drive before it will be of any use in a Tivo.
You should probably check out the upgrade forum.

I believe the limit of the old HDR and PTV models is 500GB but it may be more. I had a 500GB drive in one years ago but can't remember if that was the limit or not.

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Yeah, go to the Upgrade forum and download the S1 images from the links that were recently posted. There is free imaging SW available at MFSLIVE.ORG. The images you will download have a fix in them to allow you to go past the normal 137GB limit. Not sure what the upper limit is. You should also check out the sticky thread in that forum on SATA to IDE adapters. Large SATA drives are cheaper than large IDE drives. Check that thread carefully because there are apparently some SATA drive models that the S1 does not like.

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Originally Posted by dishdudeEL View Post
I have an old HDR112 tivo that the old hard drive died. Can I buy a hard drive from Amazon and drop it in as long as it is IDE? What is the most gb I can install?

Thanks for your help in advance.

You'll probably get more GB/$ with a SATA drive.

You can use a SATA drive if you use a Marvell chipset based adapter.

No other brand of chipset works.

You can see examples of what did and didn't work for various TiVo models here


Note that if it works in a Sony SVR-2000, it'll work in a Philips S1 TiVo, and vice versa, except for the software image.

There's one user who successfully used a Caviar Green in a Sony on page 4.

Bottom of page 5 is a link to get wdidle3, the utility needed to disable the Intellipark feature found on most Caviar Greens.

I'm pretty sure the maximum for an S1 is 1TB per drive. If you can get an extra drive bracket, you can use 2 drives.

You cannot use a Western Digital Caviar Blue in a Series 1, which is what you have. I do not know why, but S1s just don't like them, either IDE/PATA or SATA Caviar Blues.

You have to put the TiVo software on the drive before you install the drive into the TiVo.

Go to mfslive.org and read about both the MFS Live cd and the WinMFS program.

The MFS Live cd is handy to have even if you don't have a TiVo.

You can get a truncated Philips S1 image to work with whichever of those 2 programs you choose from the links in this post



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