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Beware of Misbehaving non-TiVo Remote Controls

My Series 2 started acting real flaky, not responding, then responding too much, to the remote control. Could not control the unit. Changed batteries - ng. Used remote from different unit - ng. Called tech support. Went through the whole "shine a flashlight for 30 seconds on the IR receiver" to reset it thing - ng. Diagnosis - bad unit and unit needed to be replaced. Tried to sell me one right then and there - no dice, just did not accept that out of the blue the unit was completely cooked.

Went to weaknees.com and did some research. Guidance was to locate ALL other remotes in the room and take batteries out. And guess what - the stereo remote was sending some signal "confusing" the IR receptor on the TiVo. Removed batteries from stereo remote - perfect, no issues, back to normal. No bad unit, no bad IR, no bad remote - just bad tech advice.

This very simple advice - look for other remote controls - should be part of checklist items for Tivo tech support. Very simple to do. Spoke to supervisor, specifically asked that the protocol be changed to include the advice to check all other remotes before trying to sell customers new units. Promised to do so, and to email me with confirmation that it was done. Guess what-still waiting for email. Weaknees provided other examples of IR interference (I recall mirrors being one of them).

So I avoided dropping $160 or so on a new unit that probably would not have worked anyway due to interference from the stereo remote control giving out bad signals. Bottom line: TiVo made a serious mistake on this, I wonder how often this happens, and no indication that its tech folks have bee undated on the checklist protocol that was promised to be revised. Very Disappointed.

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What you describe is a "Wild Remote Hunt." Other remotes in the area can affect the TiVo in strange ways. One "Wild Remote" that has a button pressed by something like being under a sofa cushion or a stack of magazines can cause the TiVo to get confused and act that way.

Also certain TV display setting can affect the remote, but not as much as another remote will.

This is common knowledge to posters on this forum.

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