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Guy Linux
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Series 3 HD roll back

TiVo S3 HD
A few years ago I upgraded my 160 GB internal drive to 1TB (supersized).
Now I am trying to go from the 1TB to a 2TB drive but I get errors like "Backup drive not large enough.... " and if I try a truncated backup other errors. (I've been through all the posts on only being able to expand once) See attached jpg
However with the mfs live CD I can backup my original 160GB drive to the 2TB drive and expand with no problems.

My question is: What happens if I put the 2TB drive in my TiVo with the (Old)160GB image on it?
Will the TiVo gods crap on me or will it upgrade and work happily ever after?
I have a lifetime subscription on this TiVo box

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Old 12-29-2014, 07:45 PM   #2
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It will update to the latest, 11.0m, when you boot it up in the Tivo, force Tivo connection. You need to let it update before you can expand and supersize to the full 2TB.

You may be using an outdated version of MFSLive.

If you are in windows, you could also use WinMFS.

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Old 01-03-2015, 11:54 AM   #3
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I thought TiVo hd could not go past 1200 gigabytes

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Originally Posted by tootal2 View Post
I thought TiVo hd could not go past 1200 gigabytes
If you have version 11.0h of the TiVo operating system software or more recent version than that--currently it's up to 11.0m--then the TiVo itself can handle partitions larger than 1.2TB, making it possible to use a 2TB drive in an original S3 (TCD648250), or an HD (TCD652160), or HD XL (TCD658000).

I'm not certain, but the MFS Live cd, v1.4 (most recent and almost certainly last ever version) may not be able to handle either drives or partitions over 1.2TB.

WinMFS, however, can, and I've got several S3s with 2TB drives to prove it.

I'm fairly certain someone around here established that any of the S3s will not boot from any drive larger than a 2TB, even if you only use part of it and have no partition over 1.2TB.


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Originally Posted by tootal2 View Post
I thought TiVo hd could not go past 1200 gigabytes
Just upgraded the 6 year old 1TB drives in my 2 S3 OLED TiVo's to 2TB drives and had upgraded my son's HD TiVo to 2TB 2 years ago so this has been possible for a while now.


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  2. S3 OLED - 2TB - Lifetime
  3. S3 OLED - 2TB - Lifetime
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  5. S1 Sony - 30GB - Lifetime transferred to S3
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Did you try doing the backup with the latest WinMFS?

Edit: I went from 1TB to 2TB on my THD mid last year using WinMFS with no problem.

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