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Arrow Tivo HD Drive upgrade - Kind of works?!

My Tivo HD is about a year and a few months old and has provided rock solid service in that year. During this year we found that 20 hours of HD kept filling up so I figured a drive upgrade was in store. However, after the drive upgrade I'm getting system instability to the point where the TiVo doesn't work.

I went to Best Buy and got the Caviar Green 1TB drive. The package stated that the model was WD10000CSRTL, however upon opening the box the drive inside was a WD10EARS. No big deal, researching these forums showed that most people did not have issues with this drive so I continued on.

Hooked the original drive and the new drive up to my PC and used WinMFS to copy the drive. Took about 15-20 minutes as I had completely cleared the original TiVo drive of all but two shows I wanted to keep. After the drive was successfully copied, I disconnected all but the new 1TB drive, booted the "wdidle" CD that I made from the ISO that's linked here and performed the wdidle3 /s300 command to stretch out the intellipark timer.

Popped the drive back into the Tivo and fired it up. The first time it just hung on "Welcome! Powering Up." for about 10-15 minutes, so I power cycled the TiVo and it then booted. I went into settings and verified that the recording capacity had been extended, my season passes were still there, the ToDo list was populated, and my two shows that I kept recorded were still in "Now Playing."

I played a bit of one of the shows that was in Now Playing and it played fine. I then saw the little advertisement on the Tivo screen about Pandora being available and read that, and as soon as I went back to the main TiVo screen after reading that the TiVo just rebooted, went to "Welcome! Powering Up" and then went to a gray screen about 3 minutes later.

Since it was late, I power cycled the Tivo and went to bed. Woke up this morning back to the gray screen.

That's where it sits now. It's obvioulsy got something to do with the HD upgrade since the system was rock solid before this. I did a search on "random reboots" and "Gray screen" but most references to gray screen had something to do with Cable Cards, which at the point I'm getting the gray screen the system software doesn't even appear to be loaded, let alone dealing with the Cable Card.

My suspicion is that the drive is bad out of the box. Though I know it's possible, that's unlikely. Did I miss a key step here or something?

Thanks for any advice!

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