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Series 3
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Person of Interest - S05E06 - "A More Perfect Union" - 05/23/2016

Itís Season 5! Time for a wedding!
At least thatís what it feels like when Team Machine has to crash a wedding to ferret whoís the perpetrator and whoís the victim for this weekís number.

While itís amusing to see Reese mistaken for a stripper and for Finch to sing an a cappella Irish take on Twisted Sister, I wasnít able to get that invested in the wedding of Will and Phoebe and the various machinations of a family that would fit in the world of Dynasty.
Even if itís Maggie the family photographer that they have to save.
(I did like Root riding in on the horse though.)
This really felt like a Season 1 plot line.

The real meat of the story is really in the B & C plots with Fusco investigating all those missing people and Greer continuing to torture Shaw.

The number of VR simulations on Shaw has hit 7053 and so Greer decides to take a different approach and takes Shaw out on a field trip, where he shows Shaw crimes that Team Machine might not be able to prevent.

Fat cats plotting to shutter companies providing low cost vaccines and air conditioning, plotting to supply airlines with substandard parts.

And Chechnian terrorists who want to bomb the Russian Embassy and start World War III.

And to this end, Samaritanís Analog Interface, Creepy Boy, talks directly to Shaw to show how event could unfold without itís intervention and we realize when the world starts to blow up that itís another simulation and Samaritan wants to turn Shaw.

Meanwhile, Fuscoís still digging into all those missing persons and finds out that our buddy Bruce Moran is following a similar trail.

Following a lead, Fusco takes Bear to a subway tunnel thatís set to be demolished and finds the bodies of all the missing people plus the body of one Bruce Moran.
The demolition starts and explosions!

Does Fusco make it out alive?]
Does Bear?

Thereís only six episodes left after this one and Iím a tad disappointed that the writers arenít pushing this forward more.

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I'm disappointed in season 5 so far. I was looking forward to the return of Shaw, but its actually been boring. Well, except for Fusco's and Bear's dilemma.

Samaritan has been trouncing the Machine in single-combat for 2 (3?) episodes now without any progress (or even work) on that front?

I really feel the showrunners are squandering their remaining time. Its almost as though they didn't seriously think at all during the final hiatus about what to do for (or how to dramatically stage) their exit. I'm thinking they're going to wind up the struggle in the final episode or two with a Deux Ex Machina TADA! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. BYE NOW.

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Big Deficit
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The episode was weak sauce, both the wife and I thought it was just stupid. It would seem that the writers instead of going out with a bang have decided to play out the string.

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Old 05-27-2016, 05:23 PM   #4
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I really hate the kid talking for Samarian.

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Old 05-28-2016, 01:17 AM   #5
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Yeah, kids are creepy.

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When Fusco started investigating the subway tunnel with Bear I thought for sure they were going to walk right into Team Machine's lair.

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