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R10 and flickering color problem

One of our R10 units is starting to have the problem of flickering color or BW color more and more often. It started a year or two back, very occasionally, but is now becoming a near-daily phenomenon.

I've searched the forum, and found lots of posts about this from 3-4 years ago. Mostly, it was blamed on software 6.3e and troubles that caused with reboots. It doesn't seem to have been reported much in recent time - maybe no-one else has R10's anymore?

The unit is running 6.4a. Its connected to the TV with RCA/composite cables. Haven't tried S-video here, but I may be able to (altho it seems like the problem was most often seen with S-video). Sometimes, just switching the RCA plugs from video-out-1 to video-out-2 on the back of the R10 has solved the problem. Other times, this has no effect.

Is anyone else still seeing this with older units in this day and age? Any other solutions? Toggling the Pause button doesn't do much. Rebooting cures it, but is tiring when it has to be done nearly every day, and we only want the TV on for 10-15 mins at a time!


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Could it be your TV?

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Originally Posted by litzdog911 View Post
Could it be your TV?
Could it be the TV if it only effects one input? I have two coaxial feeds and a DVD player also connected to this TV, and they're all fine - no color flickering. Could the RCA inputs on the TV go bad?

Guess I'll try moving things around at the back of the TV. Thanks!

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Note Used to happen to me...

I can't remember exactly, but I though it had something to do with svideo and or rca connectors (I used to run both, rca to the vcr). Try different cable combinations and see if that works. I could usually go to the Directv menu and bring the color back. Worst case scenario required a reboot. I haven't seen this problem in several years now. Try doing a search for R10 tuner failing.

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