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Blue Ray downlad vs. TiVo HD?


We're considering purchasing a Blue-Ray player. One of the features advertised in some models is the ability to download movies from Netflix, YouTube or your home computer.

Of course, our TiVo HD does these things already. While I like being able to use my computer for extra storage when the TiVo gets too full, I'm not really too crazy about downloads - the picture quality of Netflix downloads seems to be less than SD quality, so usually I'd prefer to wait for the DVD to be mailed.

My impression is that the Netflix downloads on a Blue-Ray are going to look no better than Netflix downloads on my HD-TiVo. Other than playing Blue-Ray disks, there's nothing a Blue-Ray player can do that the TiVo HD can't do. Therefore, the networking feature should not be a criteria when picking a Blue Ray player. Another consideration is that I can't run cable to where the Player will be, so I'd have to pay extra for the wireless bridge to use the networking anyway (I have one for the TiVo already).

Am correct?

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If you had an 18Mb/sec internet connection, you're already be getting the best Netflix streaming experience you can get. If you have a 1.5Mb/sec connection, your Netflix streaming experience is not the best it can be; it will indeed look worse than SD TV. To get the best Netflix experience, you need at least a 6Mb/sec connection, but even that isn't fast enough for Watch Instantly (HD). Adding Blu-ray rental access to your Netflix account won't fix your slow internet connection. I have read, however, that given a full-speed internet connection, most Netflix-ready Blu-ray players do have slightly superior picture quality to the TiVo HD's Netflix experience.

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As far as Netflix, both the TivoHD and Blu-ray players use the same streams with the same bandwidth requirements. Some Blu-ray players like the Sony BDP-N460 do a better job of upscaling Netflix 480p SD and Netflix 720p HD to 1080i (and 1080p) than TiVo.

Some Blu-ray players like the LG 390 also support the Vudu service, which is better than every PPV VOD service available on TiVo.

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