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Getting errors 9 and 22 when adding 1TB external drive

Hi guys,

I have a Tivo HD and am trying to add a LaCie 1TB External eSata drive to increase my storage. I am following the instructions in the FAQ here, but when I get to the WinMFS bit, things are falling apart.

I'm using Vista, and have plugged the Tivo internal drive directly to my PC's internal SATA connector. I plugged the LaCie 1TB external drive to the PC using USB (the drive supports USB and eSata). The PC recognizes the external drive and I can view it normally using Windows Explorer.

When I run WinMFS, I select File > Select Drive, and I see that Drive 1 (the Tivo's 160GB drive) is selected, so I check the "Select" box under drive B and drive 6 which is the 1TB. When I then click the "Select" button, I see this error:

Error Number: 9
Error Message: Warning!
Your A drive is married to B drive but only A drive is selected.

Every time I try to run Select Drive again, the B drive is unselected. When I try to run mfsadd, I get:

Error Number: 22
Error Message: No available space to expand!

I've searched the forums but haven't found anything I was able to use. Any ideas?

Thanks guys,

Here is my mfsinfo if that helps:

Mfsinfo (Drive A: 1, Drive B: 6)

Boot Page
Boot Page: root=/dev/hda4
Active Boot Partition: 3 Active Root Partition: 4
Backup Boot Partition: 6 Backup Root Partition: 7

MFS Super Header
state=0 magic=ebbafeed
devlist=/dev/hda10 /dev/hda11 /dev/hda12 /dev/hda13 /dev/hdb2 /dev/hdb3
zonemap_ptr=1121 total_secs=2264236032

Zone Maps
Z0: type=0
map_start=1121 map_size=1 backup_map_start=589822
next_map_start=263266 next_map_size=6 next_backup_map_start=589816
zone_first=1122 zone_last=263265 zone_size=262144 min(chunk)=262144
free=262144 checksum=169f9e1f logstamp=3287460 num_bitmap=1
Z1: type=2
map_start=263266 map_size=6 backup_map_start=589816
next_map_start=263272 next_map_size=34 next_backup_map_start=589782
zone_first=589824 zone_last=138215423 zone_size=137625600 min(chunk)=20480
free=4608000 checksum=b0ef5c3d logstamp=3488447 num_bitmap=14
Z2: type=1
map_start=263272 map_size=34 backup_map_start=589782
next_map_start=138219520 next_map_size=1 next_backup_map_start=138809343
zone_first=263306 zone_last=589777 zone_size=326472 min(chunk)=8
free=138360 checksum=a77f5dce logstamp=3488447 num_bitmap=17
Z3: type=0
map_start=138219520 map_size=1 backup_map_start=138809343
next_map_start=138481665 next_map_size=10 next_backup_map_start=138809333
zone_first=138219521 zone_last=138481664 zone_size=262144 min(chunk)=262144
free=262144 checksum=32da70df logstamp=3287460 num_bitmap=1
Z4: type=2
map_start=138481665 map_size=10 backup_map_start=138809333
next_map_start=138481675 next_map_size=34 next_backup_map_start=138809299
zone_first=138809344 zone_last=310718463 zone_size=171909120 min(chunk)=20480
free=12410880 checksum=5ddd7404 logstamp=3488447 num_bitmap=15
Z5: type=1
map_start=138481675 map_size=34 backup_map_start=138809299
next_map_start=310728704 next_map_size=67 next_backup_map_start=310730685
zone_first=138481709 zone_last=138809292 zone_size=327584 min(chunk)=8
free=285504 checksum=ba8a4ad0 logstamp=3485621 num_bitmap=17
Z6: type=0
map_start=360373733505911808 map_size=0 backup_map_start=4900006554599695360
next_map_start=5260260440667062496 next_map_size=0 next_backup_map_start=206158430208
zone_first=0 zone_last=0 zone_size=0 min(chunk)=0
free=0 checksum=0 logstamp=2425356288 num_bitmap=36040

Partition Maps
#: type name length base ( size )
1 Apple_partition_map Apple 63@1 ( 31.5K)
2 Image Bootstrap 1 1@171920054 ( 512.0 )
3 Image Kernel 1 8192@171920055 ( 4.0M)
4 Ext2 Root 1 524288@171928247 ( 256.0M)
5 Image Bootstrap 2 1@172452535 ( 512.0 )
6 Image Kernel 2 8192@172452536 ( 4.0M)
7 Ext2 Root 2 524288@172460728 ( 256.0M)
8 Swap Linux swap 262144@172985016 ( 128.0M)
9 Ext2 /var 524288@173247160 ( 256.0M)
10 MFS MFS application region 589824@173771448 ( 288.0M)
11 MFS MFS media region 137630712@174951096 ( 65.6G)
12 MFS MFS application region 2 589824@174361272 ( 288.0M)
13 MFS MFS media region 2 171919990@64 ( 82.0G)

Tivo B drive
1 Apple_partition_map Apple 63@1 ( 31.5K)
2 MFS MFS App by Winmfs 2048@64 ( 1.0M)
3 MFS MFS Media by Winmfs 1953505280@2112 ( 931.5G)

Total SA SD Hours: 165 Total DTV SD Hours: 144 5 % Free
Software: 9.4-01-2-652 Tivo Model: TCD652160

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Old 11-30-2008, 04:31 PM   #2
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I'm not familiar with those error codes. Your best bet is search on the MFSLive.org Forum. If you don't find anything create a post. Spike, the author of the program you're using, is very good at answering questions.

Best of luck and let us know what transpires.

EDIT: Oh, I see that you did post over there. Give a quick follow-up post here when you get your answers.

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Old 11-30-2008, 09:06 PM   #3
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Arrow Getting closer?

Thanks Rich - I did poke around and have seemingly made progress. I was able to use WinMFS to select both drives, and when I ran mfsadd, I think it worked (although there was no confirmation message...)

When I look at the MFSInfo.txt, it says that my available space is now larger, so it would lead me to believe that the marrying process worked. However, when I plug the drives back into the Tivo, it hangs at the "Powering Up" screen. If I unplug the eSata drive, Tivo boots and says the external drive is not connected and asks if I want to boot anyway, so I know that the primary drive is expecting the external to be there, but for some reason it just doesn't see it... *sigh*

Anyway, if you have any suggestions, I'd be very thankful. : )


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Old 12-01-2008, 01:07 AM   #4
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That is strange. So when you disconnect the eSATA drive does TiVo boot normally (if you tell it that you want to divorce the eSATA drive)? I don't remember anyone using that particular eSATA drive with a TiVo. I don't know of any reason it wouldn't work, but there are a couple on the market that don't play nice with TiVo for various reasons. Or it might be that the eSATA cable is bad or it's just a bad eSATA drive. It also might be worth trying one of the other recommended drives listed on the the Official eSATA Drive Expansion: FAQ + Discussion sticky thread.

Otherwise there are a couple of things I can think of. Might be a problem with using winMFS with Vista. IIRC others have run into issues, but then some others haven't. Do you have the opportunity to try everything all over again with an XP unit?

The other thing I'd try is to (again) start all over and connect each drive directly to the MB's eSATA connectors and avoid the USB connection. There s/b at least four eSATA connectors if not six or so if your computer is a fairly recent model. If you can pull the eSATA drive out of the enclosure and connect it directly that would be optimal (avoiding any bridge issues, etc.)

Hope things work out.

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