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Pioneer DVR-810H-S with new Dishnetwork 722 Receiver

Greetings. I have been very happy with my Pioneer -Tivo- DVR-810H-S and a regular Dish Network 311 Receiver hooked up together. We just had to upgrade our dish and got a "package" which included the Dish receiver model- "ViP722K DVR". The high def is amazing but I just don't like the interface of their DVR. It is not enough close to the TIVO when it comes to "wish lists" and "season pass manager". The the biggest problem I am currently seeing is the ability to burn my recorded programs from my TIVO menu. Is there any way to hook this Dish 722 receiver up like I hooked my old 311 up and still use my Tivo interface instead of Dishnetworks DVR interface?

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Your Dish box is your Dish box, and it does what it does.

Your TiVo can't in any way change how the Dish box operates, or what user interface they give you.

As for using the TiVo with your new Dish receiver, if the Dish box can feed out a Standard Def picture, you can hook your TiVo up to it just like you did before.

Of course, you haven't said if you're using a HighDef television with the new Dish box, and I have no way of knowing if the Dish box can feed out an HD picture and an SD picture at the same time. If it can, you're all set.


If all IS well with outputting both types of video at the same time, you'll also do well to feed the Dish box to the TV thru one set of inputs, and the TiVo into it thru another set.

That way, if you watch TV live, you can still see any HD shows in HD, rather than only seeing the down-rezzed SD picture coming thru the TiVo.

One added thought:
Some forum members feel strongly it's just not a good idea to use a TiVo with a source box that's also a DVR. Too much of a chance the two machines might be set to record different shows at once, and there could be conflicts with channel changing and such.

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