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CableCard issues w/TimeWarner in Dallas area

I have been using a Cablecard (originally from COMCAST) in a SONY HDD500 for over 1 year w/o any problems. I also used a Motorola 6416 DVR. Both worked fine, but the Motorola was freezing 2-3 times a week and had to be disconnected from power and rebooted.

Because of the Motorola box issues, at Christmas I decided to replace the Motorola DVR with a TIVO S3. So I returned the Motorola DVR and ordered additional 2 cablecards for the S3. When they delivered the cablecards, one was damaged and not working. I Installed the good one and no problems, all HD channels coming in great on the S3 and the SONY HDD500. The tech agreed to come back later with a replacement, but never showed up. Called Timewarner and after another week went by, another tech came in with a card.

I am subscribed to their Digital Tier and was receiving all HD channels, including 780, 790, 795 & 805 (which I just found out cost extra after 1/1/07 and are called the HD Tier). Apparently TWC was not charging me for the new HD Tier, so when the tech called in to activate the new card, he killed the HD Tier w/o my knowledge. TWC never sent me any notification of the cost changes.

Later that night when I went to watch Universal HD (805), it was dead. So was 780, 790, & 795, on all the CableCards (S3 and SONY)! I called TWC and was told these channels would cost me $3.00/month, so I said ok, reactivate them, and by the way, it would have been nice to tell me of the change.

When they activated the HD Tier (it took a few hours for all 3 cards to come up), channels 780 (ESPN HD) and 790 (inHD) are still dead on all 3 cars. TWC resent a hit to the cards but nothing.

I asked them to unpair the cards and re-pair them, but they told me they had to send a tech to look at it, the operator I spoke with said this was "new technology" and she had no training and was not familiar with Cablecards. None of the 4 techs that came to deliver my cards, had good knowledge on CableCards. Two had never even installed one! (I installed the cards and pulled up the diagnostics screens with the cards address).

I am frustrated. Yesterday my two cards were working fine! A new one was delivered, my HDTier cancelled w/o my knowledge and now they cannot activate all the channels on the HDtier.

Am I wrong in thinking a tech can fix this at home? There was nothing wrong yesterday. The new card was installed on a different machine, yet they killed the working cards. Now they can get any of the 3 to work properly. In my opinion, the problem is not at home but at TimeWarner.

Does any good techs from TWC read this post? If so, can you comment and help me understand this problem?

BTW, to make it more insteresting, I cannot receive most of my non HD digital classic channels, like 203, NatGeo. Since I hardly watch nothing but HD shows, I never have worried much about it.

Seems there are CableCard issues out there, anyone has experience individual channel losses?


PD. TVGOS on the Sony HDD works just fine, just a little pain to organize the channels in the order you want them. TiVO guide is fine, just wish they had a HD interface.

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The Time Warner thread is here. Right on the front page. I don't know how you missed it.

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