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3 days with TivoHD - quick review

Hi Folks - I've had TivoHD for 3 days now, and I'm generally very happy with it.

1) Interface: I'm a bit disappointed that the interface isn't truly HD. I had Tivo ~ 7 years ago and the interface is basically the same as it was then. It's a bit off-putting to see the stretched interface elements. All those bevels are very 1999. The interface could actually be simpler and easier on the eyes without so many bevels.

2) Online Scheduling: My wife and I were very excited about online scheduling, but I'm not thrilled with the functionality. My wife scheduled our shows -- and they showed up in short order (connected to broadband) -- but why can't you view your Season Pass list on the website? The Tivo site needs some serious TLC. It's painfully slow, and needs a new coat of paint. It would be great to completely manage your Season Pass list on the website (unless I'm missing something). A little interface/functionality work can go a long way (hey, Tivo - call me!). I'm also surprised someone hasn't written a Mac OS X dashboard widget similar to the Netflix queue protocol.

3) The ad placement: Originally it didn't bug me - but seeing the big star'd Shell Films placement is a bit on my nerves now. I was hoping if you went into the item and viewed it, you'd get the option to remove it. No such luck. It's just a bit garish. If the interface were updated (see #1) it may not be such an eyesore. Also, I don't mind the additional placements when deleting/playing a show.

4) The mechanics: This is where the rubber hits the road, and the Tivo comes through in spades compared to cable provided boxes. Pausing and fast-forwarding programming is a pleasure. Instantly responsive, smooth fast forwarding - the mechanics and 'feel' of the DVR functions is a true upgrade to the SA 8300HD and HDC boxes. I forgot how much I miss the smooth transport functions of the Tivo.

All in all, I'm satisfied - the 'feel' of using the DVR (#4) is really the most important element of a DVR, and the Tivo shines. Upgrading the interface and improving the online functions are a must - especially when companies like Apple begin to test the DVR waters. Hey, Tivo - you'd be surprised how far a little coat of paint can go towards improving your perception with the user base. I'm hoping we see some soon.

I'm glad to be back in the Tivo fold.

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Very interesting point about the UI’s “skin”- it is basically the same as it was on day one. Would be nice to get modernized a little.

Also in my humble opinion- the tivo.com site does suck. Slow and a pain to navigate. A couple ces’s ago I thought they had a new website design to show off but it look’s like that never happened?

Apparently tivo is in the process of adding some new protocol to the software that allows better 2-way communication. This some blog posts about it someplace. Apparently it’s how the new tivo desktop will work. It will allow instant communication instead of just period checks like are done now. Maybe that will allow the website to get better integrated to look at season passes and the like. (one problem there, is it doesn’t seem that tivo yet allows the box to shuffle the season pass list in the background- why I don’t know- that’s like the most annoying task in my mind in the current software because of it)

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