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Old 07-14-2006, 12:45 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by Gluberall
I totally agree, can't tell you how many times I've answered the phone and the first sentence is.. " I make $110/ hour and I've been on the phone for 20 minutes!! you ( D*) owe me a paycheck!!!"
If you make that kind of money, regularly, get your personal CPA to call in for you. :-)
That won't work, I'm a CPA and charge $240/hour for my time.
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ack, I am so in the wrong line of work. :-)
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Originally Posted by StEvEY5036
I just got off the phone with directv and im extremely upset with them. I recently repaired my DSR7000 because the HD died a few weeks ago. During that time I called up Directv to see if I could get myself a new R10 from them, which I did. The replacement didn't come with a new access card so I had to use the old card from my DSR7000. Now that I fixed up my DSR7000 I want to be able to use it again on another tv. So I called up directv thinking that I could just use an access card from an old receiver that I had laying around.. apparently not. I was on the phone for about an hour trying to straighten things out with why I wanted to reactivate such an "old" (to them) unit. After going through about 5 people they came to the conclusion that I needed a new access card for the receiver which costs 20 bucks. Now what does this $20 actually go towards? Apparently making the card and shipping it to me costs that much, which is absolutely ridiculous. So I spent 20 minutes arguing with some supervisor about me not having to pay for this stupid piece of plastic (I am one of their "Alist" customers.. but that doesn't mean anything apparently.) and I decided that I was going to pay for the card then dispute the transaction with my credit card company when I get my statement.

Just some advice for any of you that might want to reactivate your old receivers down the road, keep the access cards in a safe place.

Cheap Bastards?? That's funny...but definitely not true...Like previously noted, they gave you a free HR10 and you are gonna complain about 20 bucks?? That seems like someone else is being a cheap b* don't you think??

You should read their agreement on line...I had some problems not too long ago and read it...wanna know what it says about access cards?? It says that they can charge you up to $300 if the card needs to be replaced...I don't really think $20 is worth arguing with someone over in this case...
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Originally Posted by mr.unnatural
Getting an access card with the DVR4ME unit was as it should have been. Getting one with a replacement was just dumb luck and an oversight on DTV's part.
I really have no idea if it was dumb luck or not. The CSR told me that the replacement refurb would come with a new access card, and it did.
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Old 07-15-2006, 11:07 AM   #35
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Can I add my .02? About a year-and-half ago, I bought a D*Tivo and a plain receiver from a local electronics store where they were floor samples on clearance. I saw them in a full page newspaper ad, and the store is a major retailer (although not CC or BB). BEFORE I left for the store I called D* and asked the CSR if I could just take two access cards from receivers I was currently using and put them in the new ones and he assured me I could (the units I was buying had "dealer " cards that only could be removed with special tool). Based on that, I bougt the units and installed them I put the new cards in and called D* to active. No go. They wanted me to buy two new cards. I was not happy -- not so much about the money, but about the fact that I had checked with them BEFORE I bought them. Long story short, after a few more calls I got them to send me new cards, but the hassle was incredible.

Have a policy, but be consistent and give people the proper information so they can make an informed decision.
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If you bought the Tivos from a retailer then DTV should have sent you the cards at no cost to you. I've activated numerous DTivos and told DTV that they were open box items from BB or CC. They sent me a free card every time.

The CSR told me that the replacement refurb would come with a new access card, and it did.
I'm sure there must be some extenuating circumstances for your situation. DTV has never sent me a new access card with a refurb replacement unit. There's really no need for a new card since they can easily port the old card over to the new unit. I have never had a problem getting a card swapped from a previously subbed unit to a replacement unit.

The only time I've ever heard of DTV balking at activating a previously activated card is if it was previously on a different account, and even then they have been known to make exceptions. It really all depends on which CSR you talk to. I think some of them just don't understand the process involved with swapping cards between accounts, even though it can apparently be done without too much difficulty. You'd think they'd be more than happy to recycle access cards since it means that there's one less card in circulation that could get into the hands of potential DTV hackers. It is quite obvious that many CSRs just aren't all on the same page when it comes to certain things.
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