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Give em Hell, Devils
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Interview with RC.

A small excerpt:

HitFix: And how much of your feeling of confidence in knowing those two is based on, at least to some degree, misjudging Abi initially?

RC: It's funny. It's hard because it was only six-person tribe and so I really didn't have many options. Lisa, to me, was this wonderful, gracious woman, but she was hiding something. Clearly. Now I know what she was hiding and it really wasn't anything I'd deem she probably should have hid, but she was very threatening to me in that aspect of things. And rightfully so. She's a woman who can sorta fly under the radar. She's so lovely that people want her around, but she's not a physical threat and she's not a strategic threat and so I really didn't want to team up with her from the beginning. So I really didn't have that many options of who I could align myself with. Me and Abi did make a strong connection off the bat and she was as gung-ho about being in an alliance with me as I was with her. Unfortunately, her hatred for me -- and rightfully so -- hatred for who I am as an individual, which the complete opposite of who she is as an individual, came out and sorta got the best of gameplay.

HitFix: We didn't see any of the "rightfully so." We just saw her going off the handle at random things. Why were you guys in such opposition?

RC: Well, the problem was that I think Abi wanted to be the athlete of the group and she wasn't. She was asked to sit out. And then she wasn't the strategic one and she wasn't the pretty one. She wasn't able to be any of that stuff. Lisa would say daily that I was the pretty girl in our tribe and I think that really hurt me or hurt her, because she was sitting there listening to it constantly, what the boys would say or what the other tribes would say. So I think jealousy got the best of her and I understand where she's coming from. She had every right to hate me, because I'm everything she's not.

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Judging by the previews, Lisa's inner Blair comes out.


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