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Originally Posted by secondclaw View Post
So glad this is over! I mostly just FF'ed to the end, didn't care of the introspective. They really didn't bring out the best at the end, though Damaris wasn't a bad choice.
Ditto. I FF'd the minute I started seeing the "let's look at person X's journey"...Zzzzz. The rest was nothing but worthless time filler.

Damaris seems like a nice lady, but I have no desire to seek out her show(s).

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Originally Posted by IDSmoker View Post
I wonder if Nikki's pregnancy had anything to do with the timing of her exit from the show? It certainly seemed odd at the time.
According to her blog she was surprised that she left. She said she was 6 months pregnant which seems to be around the time they stopped filming so I don't think it's related.

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I think we saw from the outtakes the reason that Nikki ended up getting cut when she did. She had issues with "authority" from the beginning - she's mostly self-taught, so her depth of knowledge is limited. And the killer was that she has AWFUL knife skills and even just general kitchen safety skills. I think they realized that they could not put her on TV, without risking feeling responsible for a whole lot of viewers with cooking wounds. From the outtakes, it looked as if she either cut or burned herself at least once during every single challenge.

I agree that they went with Damaris ultimately because she fit a niche that they unexpectedly needed filling. We'll see if she can hack it as their new caucasian southerner.

And I happen to think mine is the level head and yours is the one things would roll off of.
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Meh. That's about as much excitement as I can muster over any of the finalists, quite frankly. I will probably watch Demaris once or twice, but I just don't see her show getting a regular spot on the Tivo.

I think you're right, though, Aaron- I think the lack of kitchen skills really hurt Nikki.

Amy Jo
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