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Originally Posted by AeneaGames View Post
Didn't he need a little help with the transformation as in being able to see (or picture or from a past shift) the animal in question???
I thought that was more early on before he had really gotten into his abilities. I think over the year between seasons 3 and 4 when he connected with that shifter group (incl. Luna) was when he really got better at it.

Originally Posted by robojerk View Post
I think his brother died from skin walking too much. It was hurting him and eventually killed him.
Didn't his brother die from the injuries he got from Marcus/ the wolf pack when he shifted into Sam and went to fight them?

I've been OK with this season... I like the way all the story lines converge and cross in interesting ways, and I think the build up of where they're taking the main story is gonna make any slow spots worth it. There's a full on vampire/human war coming, and I think a ton of these things will all unfold into that story. They've established that there are hate groups out there, which will only intensify once vamps start openly feeding on humans. And they've done little things to give most of the characters a connection to that story (such as Sookie and Jason's investigation into their parents, Emma being taken by Russell/Steve, Tara being a vampire, Pam, etc).

I think some of these stories would have made a good final season... The series started in a world where vampires were just becoming open members of society, a huge part of which was thanks to true blood giving them an alternative food source. I think blowing up the factories and sending vampires world wide into a desperate feeding frenzy, leading to a human/vampire war, would have been a cool bookend.

"The two most important days of your life - the day you are born, and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain
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I know Sam shot at his brother, I think it was because the brother stole money from the safe at Merlotte's. I guess he didn't kill him.

And Tommy was Sam's real brother. Sam had never met him before we did.

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Originally Posted by mrdazzo7 View Post
Didn't his brother die from the injuries he got from Marcus/ the wolf pack when he shifted into Sam and went to fight them?


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That was a decent episode. I'm glad the whole Terry story is pretty much done. And I am still thinking that Bill is going along with this whole thing. If not, go eric!

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