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Originally Posted by CrispyCritter View Post
<snip>The cable company has complete two-way communication with the cablecard, independent of the device it is in.<snip>
Nope, wrong. The provider can send pairing signals to the card, as well as EMMs (or addressable box hits). They could also send a signal that revokes the card's authorization. No communication back to them is required to do any of this. Still, a cablecard can't send anything back (in a TiVo or other retail device), though.

Here's how you prove it: Take a PICO filter that blocks all signals up to ~58MHz, which covers the RDC (Return Data Channel) range, connect it to a cable provider box and see what happens. It may not happen right away, but in a pre-set amount of time the card will self de-authorize, until the filter is removed (because it is blocking the RDC). This is how people used to get free PPV and other cable services, but it doesn't work anymore. Now, put that same filter on a TiVo, or other retail device, and it will go on working forever. Can Cox tell it is even there? NO. There's no RDC, so the only thing the filter is doing is blocking stray upstream (RDC) signals, or those from your cable modem from getting past it (which is why some techs will install them on devices without a RDC, or on a device that they detect is egressing noise in that spectrum into the cable, throughout the house, and if bad enough, into the main system). Some people religiously use these on any device without a RDC, and find they get less interference on their low frequency channels.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PICO filters must not be used in a Tuning Adapter setting, unless they come AFTER the TA, since the TA DOES have an upstream (RDC). If placed before a TA, the TA will de-authorize either immediately, or after a pre-set period.

If you post everything some cable rep tells you as fact, be prepared to find yourself being corrected by many others who actually know the facts (since what somebody told you, which was incorrect, is what you base your argument on). Do some fact-finding research, before preaching false gospel, please.

I've been told so much fiction by those idiots at Cox, if I went around repeating it, I'd come across as the village idiot. Many of them couldn't find their own backside with both hands tied behind it. If Cox is telling you they are reading the status (signal strength, SNR, etc.) from the cablecard in your TiVo, they are full of it, or don't know what they are looking at. The only status they can know about your cablecard is what they have RELATED TO YOUR ACCOUNT. As in: How many cards, the serials, what HOST/CC ID they have in the system from the last time they were GIVEN the pairing data either by you or a tech, which must be read from the TiVo screen, and given to them via PHONE, or advanced online activation services, where you type that info in. It can NOT be read from the card itself over the cable network. That would require the missing upstream (RDC) on a TiVo or other retail device. If you lose your pairing, the cableco system will not pick that up. Their system will show you as paired, until you either call in and ask them to do an un-pair/re-pair, or discontinue service with that card, by returning it to them. If they say "our system is showing your cablecard as paired", that only means it was paired, and the relevant data is in their system. It doesn't mean they are "reading" your actual cablecard itself. They CAN'T. It can sound like they are, but they aren't. They are blind, except for the data from the initial, or last time the card was paired, which, again, is part of your ACCOUNT PROFILE.


P.S. The title of this thread is "How do you connect your Tuning Adapter?". I said I wouldn't give you another rise, but you are posting false information.

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As of this week now I got an error on my tivo about the cable card Error 613 have the tech out now and EMMs is 0. Going to swap out the card since I lost channels again.

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I go through these Cisco 1520 Tuning Adapters (I have 3 of them) like they are candy. They seem to have a life span of 6-8 months before they start dumping channels and need to be rebooted weekly.

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