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Originally Posted by Alf Tanner View Post
Fair enough, but 5 minutes on this forum (which is at the top of google results a lot of the time) gives one a lot of, "this, that, and the other is coming with the next update we are almost sure of it"

That was my experience anyways, coupled with the amazon icon on the box and the "oh this is coming in the next update " I also heard from the store made me decide on a tivo roamio pro because it was better than comcast dvr package but also for what was all over the store and this forum for just around the corner updates.
Speculation by users is fun, not fact. The only real promised item that is late, very late, is android streaming and to a lesser extent remote iphone streaming. Everything else is just for the enjoyment of it.

There is no doubt tivo is better than a comcast dvr! Those are pain.
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Originally Posted by tomhorsley View Post
And a TiVo Mega holding 47,529,621 un-tagged shows in a giant jumbled bag will be useful how?
That was my complaint when I went from a 2TB drive with the ELite to a 3TB drive with the Roamio Pro. The My Shows list was really becoming more difficult to look through. I could not imagine 24 TB of shows. If they would introduce profiles it would go a long ways to help with the organization of the shows.
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I think that's part of the reason TiVo implemented the 2-column thing in the My Shows screen. The left part you can filter out just TV show, just movies, just kids shows, etc. As part of being able to show less stuff without actually having to implement a complex mechanism to filter.
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