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Where to begin - novice

I currently have DirectTV with a standard def receiver.

I would like to record various channels and I assume a TiVo system would work.

Some questions and observations:
1. I see used TiVo systems for sale on ebay an various other sites.
2. Does the TiVo system replace my standard def receiver, or does it supplement my standard def receiver?
3. If it supplements my standard def receiver, what is the high level connection diagram? Cable wire -> TiVo -> DirectTV receiver -> TV -- or -- Cable wire -> DirectTV receiver -> TiVo -> TV?
4. If I was to personally purchase a TiVo system, would I have to pay some entity (such as DirectTV) for TiVo "service"?

Sorry for such basic questions, but I'm (obviously) very confused and looking for direction to proceed.

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You have two ways to go.

You can keep your existing DirecTV receiver, buy an older "Series 2" standalone TiVo (not the "Dual Tuner" model and not anything newer). The TiVo would go between your DirecTV receiver and your TV. You would be able to record only one program at a time, in standard definition, and could not watch "live" while another show records. You would have to pay a TiVo service fee to TiVo (not sure what it is nowadays - $14/mo or so perhaps?)

The other is to replace the DirecTV box with a box that combines a dual-tuner DirecTV receiver with a DVR. DirecTV offers three kinds: standard definition (with a non-TiVo interface), high-definition (non-TiVo) and high-definition with TiVo. For all of these you would pay a DVR fee to DirecTV (currently $8/mo). For the TiVo box (model THR22), you would pay an additional $5 TiVo fee to DirecTV. This would allow you to record two shows at once, or record one and watch another live. This option would also add some services such as scheduling over the web, downloadable PPV and more. The non-TiVo boxes have additional networking features. You would probably find that DirecTV would provide one of these boxes at little or no cost, including free installation. HD would require a new dish.

You could also buy a used, older DirecTV TiVo box. It would have to be one that has a "Receiver ID (RID)" and would be standard-def only. This would get you out of the $5 THR22 TiVo fee. But be careful when buying a used box - many of them are from accounts that had balances owed, and DirecTV won't activate them. They also won't activate a "non-RID" box that wasn't previously on your account.

I hope this helps.

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If you decide to go with a TiVo 2 connected to your existing receiver, try to find one with "Lifetime Service". That way no extra monthly fees. Check e-bay and craigslist.

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You can also use the Series 2 Dual Tuner. You won't get any use out of the second tuner, but it works fine and that box has an ethernet connection.

My DirecTV setup is 4 receivers driving 4 S2DTs.

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