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Originally Posted by oinkaroonie View Post
Unitron, your image somehow put some recording info on my box. Every time I went to the Now Playing list, I'd get the error 51 indicating I had data from another box on mine. A C&DE cleaned that problem up.

The networking issue is really weird. I actually have a connection with Tivo, but my box is cutting the conversation short. It's initiating an SSL (encrypted) connection with the Tivo server on port 443 (the standard HTTPS port).

My box negotiates with the server, the server asks for my box's security certificate, and it verifies my certificate. That all looks normal.

Then my Tivo box sends some data (I can't see what it is, because it's encrypted) and the server sends some data back. After that first exchange, my box notifies the server that it's closing the connection. Then my Tivo notifies me that there was a problem with the Internet connection.

The phone connection works, but there's something squirrelly about the internet one. Any ideas?

Any info would not have been the actual recordings themselves, although there are instances where one might see, on the same machine, the listing of the recordings.

Think of it like a book where all of the pages have been ripped out except the table of contents at the beginning.

TiVos are designed so that you can't take the hard drive out of one and stick it in a second one and still be able to watch the recordings the first one made.

The TiVo Service Number is used somehow to mark or encrypt or encode the recordings to defeat that.

That's what throws up an error 51, whenever a TiVo encounters a trace of some other TiVos TSN.

All that has to be scrubbed out. Usually the full guided setup you go through should take care of that.


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The networking issue turned out to be unrelated to certificates. My firewall was keeping ICMP "ping" packets from getting responses. Once I changed that, the Tivo connected to the Tivo server.

Kinda funny -- even though the Tivo box has an active connection with the server through HTTPS, it severs the connection when it doesn't get a ping response after a certain number of attempts.

My Tivo has been successfully resurrected. Thanks again for all the help here!

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