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Originally Posted by phox_mulder View Post
I've had all the above, except boudin, as I'm still not entirely sure what it is. It looks like sausage, but I'm guessing it's made from meat not normally found in sausage, so maybe I have had it just didn't know to call it boudin. ETA: according to the google, boudin is exactly that, sausage made from "exotic" meats, and sounds delicious.
Actually, boudin today is sausage-like, but I wouldn't consider it to be actual sausage- in the sausage family. Boudin stuffing is a rice dressing made with pork, typically. It is usually a bit spicy and often smoky in flavor. The casing is not typical sausage casing either. It is thicker and depending upon how the boudin is cooked, it can be rather chewy. My favorite way to prepare it is grilled. The casing crisps up nicely and you can eat it. Some people steam it, which results in a boudin that you eat basically by squeezing the stuffing out. The stuffing does not firm up like sausage, but remains soft, like rice dressing. Boudin is definitely a treat and one of the joys of living in Louisiana is discovering new sources. Lots of small local shops which sell their own homemade brand. I just recently discovered a new all-time favorite (at least until I try something better).

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I've never seen this show. The only reason I am aware of it was because of all the merchandise for sale at Walmart. Then I saw a chia pet commercial on tv with their faces on it. I got up this morning and they are on the local news. They are supporting someone for political office in LA.

Have these people totally sold out? These guys have got to be billionaires.

It's a scripted hunting show? Doesn't sound like anything I'd want to watch. But it seems to be popular here in the deep south.

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Originally Posted by hairyblue View Post
...It's a scripted hunting show? Doesn't sound like anything I'd want to watch. But it seems to be popular here in the deep south.
I wouldn't call it a "scripted hunting show"....yes, they're shown hunting sometimes, but that's just a small part of the show. It's very difficult to describe other than showing snippets of the family life which is unusual to say the least and funny oftentimes...

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I've never seen the show either but they are certainly cashing in on their "fame" (I would too). Tonight Phil, Kay and Uncle Si are appearing at a "book discussion and Q&A" (Korie was suppose to be there too but isn't due to "family obligations").

They're doing 2 appearances at a 2,500 theater at $46.50 a pop and it appears as if both "shows" are just about sold out. Ka-ching. Good for them.

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Old 11-14-2013, 12:02 PM   #35
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It is not a scripted hunting show.

just check out a couple minute clip on the website or youtube and you can find out for yourself.

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Someone bought my father a "Happy Happy Happy" baseball cap for his birthday.
He'd never seen the show, had no idea what the phrase was from.

I told him to try the show out, he should like it.
He watched the episode with Phil and Kay renewing their wedding vows, and did not like it at all.
I tried to convince him to watch from the beginning, but he was having no part of it.

I enjoy it, but will admit it's getting a bit over scripted, and way, way, way over merchandised.


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Originally Posted by hairyblue View Post
It's a scripted hunting show?
Basically, it's a sitcom disguised as a reality show about a family that owns/operates a duck call business. And it's probably the best sitcom on TV.

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Originally Posted by Graymalkin View Post
Ack, once again I must clarify. What I meant to say is, why does the show refer (in the on-screen IDs) to Martin and Godwin by their last names? Everybody else is identified by their first name.
I am guessing that's what they go by. I know several people who prefer to be called by their last name.

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