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Originally Posted by litzdog911 View Post
Probably best to start your own new thread since your problem is not related to the "random reboot" issue that affected folks here.
Ok, thanks. Will do
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anyone seeing this happening again? my tivo rebooted 2x already this evening...also last night.
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Originally Posted by solfun View Post
anyone seeing this happening again? my tivo rebooted 2x already this evening...also last night.
No widespread reports at this point. Perhaps your Tivo has some other issue ... dying hard drive? Flaky AC power?

Probably best to start your own new thread with more details about your equipment and problem.
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Hdvr2 Rebooting Tip

My HDVR2 suffered from the constant rebooting in Nov and Dec but, even after it was "resolved" by DirecTV/TIVO I was still getting the reboot every day or two. Here is how I fixed this which may be useful to others to try:
DirecTV told me that most reboots (in their opinion) were linked to the daily phone call. My area code (408) had recently announced that everyone now had to add the prefix 1-408 to ALL calls within area code 408 (San Jose area). So for my HDVR2 I added "1" as the prefix on my dial-up screen, the tel number of course remaining unchanged. Calls failed (?). So I made the prefix the whole thing 1-408-xxx-yyyy. It worked. Daily calls went thru OK, BUT I was now getting the rebooting every day or two. So, based on the DirecTV input I had received, I changed the telephone number from the choices on the list and set my prefix again just to 1. It worked and daily calls now go thru fine and everything on my telephone screen is normal. AND it fixed my rebooting!
So, I have no idea why it worked, but this may be worth trying if you still get the occasional reboots - change the telephone number and refresh everything on the telephone set-up screen.
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