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Old 11-15-2014, 09:58 AM   #151
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Just wanted to post another success story.

Kubuntu LiveCD, WD AV-GP WD40EURX 4 TB, Roamio basic.

Took about 15minutes from harddrive removal -thru- reconnect to TV.

Thanks! It works great.

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Cool, good to hear. There are about 50 installs / 125 downloads to date.

For those who have enjoyed this:
I've added PayPal and BitCoin addresses to the first post now.
Please donate something if you can.
This would let me justify the time spent on this (and other Tivo development) to my family.

Total Donations: $30 from 2 persons.
Avg Donations: / 50 tivos = $0.60 / tivo.

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Originally Posted by telemark View Post
Cool, good to hear. There are about 50 to 125 downloads/installs to date.

For those 50 users:
I've added PayPal and BitCoin addresses to the first post now.
Please donate something if you can.
This would let me justify the time spent on this (and other Tivo development) to my family.
@everybody (as a supportive narrative, not a direct reply to telemark):
For me, justifying the time spent on projects I do in order to be able to post verified info/help here (plus the money spent buying things I don't need for any other reason, aside from doing so), even if inspired by my own curiosity, is not often appreciated, or understood by my family. It has caused friction, arguments, and even some very heated verbal fighting, within the my home. This has not even led to any tools/utilities like this, DVRBARS, JMFS, and so on (although I have tried to help with as many of these projects as I can, in the ways that I can).

I recently was accused of using excessive electricity (wasting it), for the test beds I'm using to verify/validate things about different hard drive models, besides the WD AV-GP drives, for use in TiVos. Friction with family, whether it be with a significant other, or regardless of any other position in the family, is a very real thing, which those who spend any time or money on, outside the scope of making the household TiVos simply operate can face.

I doubt anybody not employed by the likes of Weaknees (or being a competitor on ebay) has ever thought they'd make any money on these "free, but donations are appreciated" projects. Most only are hoping to recoup the costs, to a point where they have paid for what was required, beyond their own out-of-pocket for their own needs, which isn't even a true "break even" point. Time is money, as they say, and time spent on these things can never truly be reclaimed.

I wanted to make the donation request, for telemark's contributions, before this even got to the point where this tool had just been out, and requests for larger drive support had already came in, from some who didn't even say "thanks for doing/providing this", before asking for more. I wanted to post the same things at that time (less of a diplomatic manner than telemark did, at that time).

If you feel entitled to ask if larger capacity drives will work, you should remember that a larger drive to test on is required, requiring paying for said drive. If you feel telemark's instructions should be made more thoroughly explained (for those who only know Windows or Mac, and don't know what a command prompt is for), that takes time, as does offering support on the fly.

It's not hard to find a lot of discussion on TCF on ROI (Return On Investment), over as little as few dollars (difference), and sometimes even on time invested. I would hope (probably unrealistically), those same folks can see the forest for the trees, when it comes to those who make it possible for them to upgrade their hard drive, or make a backup copy of the drive image. Any solution provided by Weaknees (or ebay competitors) is going to cost you a great deal more than donating a few dollars, or tens of dollars. They are in it for the profit (and I'm not saying they are wrong to be so).

There have been other pioneers of free solutions/utilities, who started out here, or with their own website, doing it for free. Some moved on to work for Weeknees, or set up an ebay storefront. I don't think all of them had profit in their vision. I think some just grew tired of always being at a loss, while still being expected to provide support, and grew tired of requests (or cloaked demands) to update/change/add features of what they created.

Please take all this into consideration. Even if you don't use what telemark is providing, he's one of the people you'd want to keep around here. There are only a handful of people who can provide us with what some of us want, without having to pay for it up front. They are not all on TCF, making it even slimmer-pickings here.

Whether it be this tool, DVRBARS, or KMTTG, I fully appreciate what the developers give us, and the time it took them to do so, as well as the time they give us to support them.

Software freely provided for hard drive upgrades is a threat to the bottom line of the forum's primary sponsor, as is the freely provided help for such tools. You may think that the developers (and folks giving free support) are the most prized members to the TCF powers-that-be. But, the reality seems to be just the opposite (IMO, based on things better left unsaid). I just hope that public calls for donations (rather than just placing those calls in the software, alone), don't lead to trouble. There are reasons why a great deal of things related to TiVo hard drives are done via backchannel, as opposed to publicly...

[/end soapbox standing upon]

@telemark: If you decide it's best to take the donation part out of the thread, then this post should go (or be rewritten), as well.

@everybody: Best not to quote this post (in whole), in case it needs to be edited.
Cisco tuning adapters should never be used inline (using the TA coax OUT port) to connect a TiVo, if MoCA is in use. Use a splitter w/PoE filter on leg to TA, use other leg for the TiVo. Enjoy!

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