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Originally Posted by Stormspace View Post
Really? Because maybe it's my imagination but Apple wants a 30% cut of all in-app purchases and that is the reason Amazon removed the book store from the Kindle app. Other App vendors did the same.
Yup - but that 30% cut is still a pittance of Apple's overall profit - it's not this huge driver for evil that many try to make it out to be. And if Apple was really interested in ruling with an iron fist over iOS, then they are really sucking at it by maintaining the most capable mobile browser in webkit/safari

And why shouldn't Apple get a cut? It's well documented iOS users spend more money than then users of other platforms. They have millions of registered users with credit cards on file that are one click away from purchasing. You want tell me there's no value in that? Amazon is one of a few where the market presence Apple brings isn't as critical - so Amazon used an Apple provided mechanism - you can buy on the web instead of an in-app purchase. The trade off is convenience, but as I pointed out Amazon's presence is such that it's not as much an issue for them.

Indeed, all they removed is the ability to in app purchase. Amazon still has the Kindle and numerous other apps for consuming and using Amazon content and services. Yup, Apple's restrictions sure are crippling

As for publishers - the 30% "cut" (as many crudely like to refer to it) wasn't the issue. The issue is Apple does not share purchaser data detail - details that are more valuable to publishers than your measly subscription fee because they then sell that purchaser data as part of their advertising. Your the product! Notice despite all the initial hubbub, most publishers have reversed their earlier protesting and offer in app purchases for subscriptions. Huh - it must have made fiscal sense to play in Apple's sandbox after all.

Once you get past the religious arguments, as with everything in life it comes down to economics.

And while all of the above is interesting, it still doesn't address they key point - the content providers, whom companies like Apple, Netflix and Amazon have to negotiate with, are the real problem here. Whether the 30% is an issue for Amazon or not (after all, they know how to "get around" that as they have demonstrated with the Kindle), I doubt they can offer their content on the AppleTV due to restrictions with the content providers. You don't think the Amazon streaming app on the iPad would be much more interesting and compelling if it could stream to the ATV? Do you really think *Amazon* is the one restricting output over AirPlay?

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Originally Posted by dugbug View Post
AirPlay is what makes the atv so cool
This. EXACTLY this. I thought Airplay was a gimmick at first... but we've found it to be extremely fun and useful. Even just the iPad mirroring bits are great - but additionally there some apps that take specific advantage of the feature to do really fun stuff. And now that OS X 10.8 has it built-in as well (as long as you have reasonably current hardware), it's even better.

For people that haven't bought into the Apple universe, though - the Roku is a great box too. It seems a bit silly to argue one is better or worse than the other, really. Hard to argue against a $49 box that does so much.

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Originally Posted by MichaelK View Post
While deserving of a fanboi alert- does have merit. Tivo (because of their mini), Roku, and the new googletv entrants, are all likely to be sued out of existence next week anyway. Apple probably patented the "design" of a square box that connects to a tv and now that they ilawyers are done with samsung...

(I know the samsung think is a lot more than that but couldn't resist- tongue firmly in cheek)
lmao. Funny and sadly true.

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