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Originally Posted by James R. Matey View Post
I implemented the curl.conf fix recommended here when my TIVO (HD) failed to make transfers earlier in the year. Thanks for the fix. It worked fine.

However, the same or a similar problem seems to have recurred sometime in the past month or so. Symptoms are:

1. Tivo Desktop opens up on PC.
2. Can browse files on Tivo and select for transfer.
3. Transfer seems to start, but hangs immediately.
4. Error message "The network location cannot be reached ..." is displayed on the transfer status window.

I've tried:

A. Reboot of everything -- PC, router, switch, TIVO had no effect.
B. Setting PC date to 2012, had no effect; the curl.conf file has the recommended fix.
C. Accessing the Tivo from Firefox or IE and attempting to download from there -- again fails on a hang.
D. Different files, different size files -- no effect.
E. Can ping the Tivo from the PC
F. The PC has
Win 7 sp1
Tivo Desktop 2.8.3
Hardwired (during testing) internet connection

Can anyone offer suggestions for diagnostics that would help me figure out what is going wrong?

Has anyone heard of similar problems that are not fixed by the curl.conf modification?

PS -- I checked at the TIVO end on the diagnostics page. It acknowledges that the transfer started at 10 MB/s, but that nothing got transferred.
Are you using fixed IP addresses for everything on your network that doesn't leave the house?

Can't hurt.


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Success after months of Xfer problems

I applied Morac's fix in the curl.conf file, and did a couple other changes that seem to help.
Tried transfers from browser as proof of my tivo network setup and consistently got "too many transfer in progress" failures. Looked like my series xfers were constantly running and failing in rotation.
I had noticed that when I setup series transfers in my desktop settings, that tivo tries to transfer something like 3 shows of the series at a time. One seems to get the most resource then fails. A third program is then added to the queue and the first in line get resources then fails etc etc.
Once I did Morac's fix I then turned off series xfers and things may be working again. Time will tell.


Ok, I managed to download 3 one hour shows using TiVo Desktop 2.8.3 last night. I did have a couple failures too between successful downloads. Still cannot download from the browser. I can see the programs, but when I click through one of the show .MPG-PS I get an immediate

Server Busy
too many transfers in progress

All my problems with TiVo transfers started about a year ago and gradually got worse. At least got a couple to work, but probably never get back to the old unattended transfers.

Why is this software from a device vendor so difficult? Doesn't seem like it should have this many issues.

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