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Originally Posted by bigrig View Post
Jeez, that was a gruesome episode!
We've taken to body counting on Justified. This episode blew the curve. I think it was six or seven bodies in about 60 minutes of actual show time. It's going to be hard to keep up an average of 1-2 bodies between every commercial break for the whole season.

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Just got caught up last night. Loved seeing Goggins and Olyphant talking about Elmore Leonard. Will have to pick up one or more EL books, they're amazing reads.

I did like Raylan shooting Dewey's pool with Dewey's gun.

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Originally Posted by ClutchBrake View Post
Not a dick move at all. Dewey was going for his towel/robe, which just happened to be where the gun was stashed. When Raylan found it Dewey told him it wasn't loaded. Thus, had Dewey not gone for the gun in the first place (or lied about it being loaded) Raylan wouldn't have shot the pool. Remember, it was Dewey's "unloaded" gun Raylan used to shoot the pool.

If Raylan wanted to be a dick he could have taken Dewey in for possession of the gun. Or let the knucklehead get the gun and try to point it at Raylan.

I love Dewey and can't wait to see what happens to him this season.
What's even better is that Dewey can't even complain to the cops or his lawyer that Raylan shot the pool as he then would have to admit that he had a gun in his possession. So Raylan knew the gun was probably loaded and knew he could shoot the pool without any 'real' consequences as Dewey would get the worst of it.

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