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Debates Ghee vs Gi
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Originally Posted by JLucPicard View Post
Dexter is on a pay-subscription channel (as opposed to just a regularly included cable channel), so I'm sure there are fewer eyes on it anyway, but I was just thinking before clicking into this thread again about a different comparison. Not looking at outside venues (forums, social media, etc.) but just my own observations on viewing both programs that the two 'wrapping up' series seem to be on very divergent paths with Breaking Bad going out with a big bang and Dexter going out with just a whimper. Too bad.

And just looking at THIS venue, the latest episode thread for BB is at 8 pages and this thread I don't believe has even gotten to a second page. I see that in itself as a pretty accurate statement of the quality of both stories as they wind down!
But at least it doesn't have as many as Under the Dome -- which indicates that, while it as good as it used to be, it isn't so terrible that pages and pages of people chime in each week to say how much they hate the show.

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Originally Posted by Jesda View Post
In the finale Dokes wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.
Surprise, mother****er!

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Originally Posted by TAsunder View Post
But at least it doesn't have as many as Under the Dome -- which indicates that, while it as good as it used to be, it isn't so terrible that pages and pages of people chime in each week to say how much they hate the show.
Ha ha! That's true!

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LMAO @ 'at least they aren't under a dome'. I guess there is that.

I kind of feel like others that it really does seem like the actors are phoning it in this season. Sad, as I'm a huge Michael C Hall fan and he deserves writing that is so much better. The first four seasons of the show, IMO, were stellar. Sure there are always little things but, over all, they were well done and well written. Even Jennifer Carpenter grew as an actor. When the show began I thought she was about the worst actor ever, but she got a lot better.

Anyway, as to this season specifically, it really does seem watered down. I can't help wondering if there is going to be some big surprise ending. I'd rather see a strong season with the ending of my choosing - Dexter gets away.

As for Deb and Joey - par for the course. They belong together so, while I really don't care either way, that is as it should be I suppose. I still sometimes wonder if there was some mystery thing about him. When he first arrived on the scene they kind of made it seem like something was up with him. Maybe not - except for that lawn mower haircut this season. what the heck?

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I was thinking about this season and the main thing that struck me is that the bare bones of the story is quite good:

A psychiatrist mother's son turns out to be a psychopath and even though her son murders his brother, the mother does her best for the psychopath. Unfortunately, the mother, Vogel, is unable to help him. Even so, she devotes her life to helping psychopaths and on her next try, she does manage to "help" young Dexter.

Many years later, Vogel meets her protege, Dexter, and also discovers that her psychopath son, thought dead, is still alive. She still tries to help her son, Saxon, despite him killing many innocent people and leaving creepy things for Vogel. Dexter warns her that Saxon may kill her, but she still tries to help her son, who is jealous of Dexter, a sort of replacement son to Vogel. And Saxon kills Vogel, despite Dexter's attempt to protect Vogel.

I really like that story outline for the final season of Dexter. If only they had done a good job on filling in the details and the execution. The Hannah subplot makes a decent "extra complication" to keep Dexter on his toes, and to keep Deb conflicted. But all the other subplots should have been skipped so that they could spend more time on the main plot outlined above. I think that could have made this season good, if done right.

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Originally Posted by john4200 View Post
I was thinking about this season and the main thing that struck me is that the bare bones of the story is quite good:
I agree with this. Also, in a way, it's a callback to season one. Notice that we've first met the "big bad" of the season about the same time as we first met the Ice Truck Killer; there's the same reveal where he's unexpectedly a relative, and the estrangement resulted from that moment of psychopath-formation; etc. You can see a lot more parallels both in the story, and in the way it's been playing out, if you look for them.

I am not as down on this season as many of you are, but I waited until I had enough of it on the DVR that I could watch it, if not back to back, at least without lots of week-long waits. I think it fares better that way.

But it's certainly not the best. I'm bored stiff with Dexter's stupidity wherever Hannah is concerned. Masuka's storyline feels perfunctory -- even the clown has to grow up, so let's give him a redemption storyline so he won't be a one-joke character when it's all done. Angel has always been underutilized but never as badly as this. His sister has had more screen time and more activity, even if it mostly amounted to a lot of flouncing and perpetuating stereotypes about irrational woman behavior. (At least she does it in attractive summer dresses.) They wisely didn't drag out Deb's "in a dark place" story-line forever (it would have worn out its welcome) but they haven't found anything else for her to do that's even vaguely plausible. Ever since season one, they have done an increasingly bad job of having the "side plots" feel like they're part of Dexter's world or life, let alone his story, and this season has reached that nadir, where everyone's story feels as if a different writer got assigned to find something for that character to do.

(As I write this, I have two left. So y'all already know how I'm going to feel after finishing those, maybe this evening. So I won't speculate about that yet!)

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