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So it seems most people use it for sports. I'm not a sports fan, so that's probably why I don't get the appeal. A few years back I did get into watching football but I had no problem recording the games. It never made any sense to me why people cared if they were watching "live" or not. I actually preferred recording the games because it allowed me to skip the commercials. I've since stopped watching football for the most part.

Another problem I have with PIP is I'm easily distracted. I'm not a multi-tasker at all. I can only really focus on one thing at a time anyway. My wife can attest to this every time she tries to talk to me while I'm watching TV or surfing on my iPad and I don't hear a word she says.

Dan Haddix
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It'll be fine....
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Dan I have to agree with you...

I do not watch sports at all and have never understood that attraction to PIP. I guess that is the most likely use case...

Since you and I are probably the minority - it may be something TiVo should consider.

I just know, I never used it when I had it and would'nt use it if they gave it to me!

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Old 03-09-2014, 06:55 PM   #33
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how did you do this?

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Originally Posted by Dan203 View Post
Tuners are different then decoders. These are digital channels which means to display them you need a special decoder which can convert the digital information into an uncompressed picture. When you stream to a Mini it has it's own internal decoder that does this. And in the case of watching on an iPad the Stream hardware actually has a transcoder which does decode but then immediately reencodes to H.264 before sending it over to the iPad which then decodes the H.264 stream internally.

I believe the Broadcom chip they use in the TiVo can decode 2 channels at once, so they could do PIP. However it would need 6 decoders to do a live display of all 6 tuners simultaneously. Now they could use a single decoder to take a snapshot of each tuner and put that in a grid. They could even cycle through the tuners and update them like a slide show. But they could not do a live grid of all 6 tuners.
so basically what you are saying is that the new Roamio DVRs do have a picture in picture capability, similar to what Directv's Genie boxes do?

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back when PIP and POP were on more sets, and big-screen tvs were still evolving, I remember ones that would show a grid of a lot of channels, with the tuners cycling between the different images, updating each like once per second or two, as a sort of visual channel guide.

Like this, but with even more... (left side o'course)

People pay for things like NHL gamecenter, mlb tv etc with like four simultaneous game feeds, so there is definitely a market for this kind of thing.

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