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There is a big difference between saying;

"TiVo supports being connected to hubs and switches but does not provide technical support for network troubleshooting of TiVo hardware"


Originally Posted by confused CSR
we do not support having the TiVo devices connected to a switch or a hub of any sort

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Originally Posted by tivosupport_kristina View Post
Hello TiVo Customers,

I am very glad to hear that some of you were able to get things up and going. However, we do not support having the TiVo devices connected to a switch or a hub of any sort. It does not necessarily that it won't work, it just means that we cannot guarantee or help to make it work. We do apologize for the inconvenience and thank you to all of those who share their knowledge with how to get around things like this!

Thank you,


I've been the loudest TIVO supporter ever since we got our first standard def. TIVO back in 2007. Since then, I have purchased 5 more TIVO boxes: 2 TIVO HDS, 2 Premieres and last week a TIVO Roamio Plus. One of the TIVO HD's kept locking up every other day and since it wasn't able to utilize MRV, especially streaming, I decided to purchase my sixth TIVO box in seven years. I am a huge fan and recommend TIVO to everyone I meet. My in-laws even listened to me and the have a TIVO HD and a Premiere now.

All that being said, it pains me to even bring up something like this. I just spent $400 for a Roamio Plus with the idea of being able to stream the 150 hours of HD from the Roamio in my 2nd floor office to my two Premiers that I have in my first floor living room and basement exercise room. My home network uses CAT6 everywhere and I have a Cisco WI-fi router right next to my cable modem in the basement. It has the four standard gigabit ports. When I created the home office on the 2nd floor, I ran a single COAX cable as well as a single CAT6 Ethernet cable with the intention of having my TIVO, my personal Mac and my work laptop all hard-wired to my home network in the office. Of course, with only running one CAT6 cable from the basement to the upstairs, it required me to have a LAN network switch to allow three devices to be hard-wired to my home network. I have the same situation in my first floor living room and my basement exercise room where I have more than one piece of equipment that I want hard-wired and the only way that I can do this is to use switches.

For home use, most wi-fi routers only have four gigabit ports. So in essence, TIVO is saying that if you have three TIVO's that you want to utilize MRV on, then that will leave you with only one port for everything else in our whole house. That seems a bit arrogant and small thinking to just say that "we do not support having the TiVo devices connected to a switch or a hub of any sort." I bet the TIVO sales department cringes when they here answers like that! I have two Apple TV's in my house and a Roku using Switches and they stream HD video without any issues. I don't think the majority of homes in the U.S. have more than one LAN cable per room so if you want a Computer and a TIVO in the same room, then the consumer that just spend $400 on a TIVO, must decide on what device gets to be hard-wired to the home network: my TIVO or my Mac.

The other thing that really bothers me is that I'm able to stream from both of my Premieres to the Roamio Plus but not from the Roamio Plus to the Premieres. Why would that be? If it can receive the data via switches, then why can't is send it. Both of my premieres work fine with MRV using switches. I think TIVO owes it's loyal customers a better explanation than what Kristina provided.

We are a pretty tech-savvy crowd and there has to be a technical reason why things changed with Roamios vs Premieres. Is it the Mobile local streaming capability? That should only deal with Wi-fi, not wired LAN. Maybe there could be a virtual town hall or conference call with the TIVO engineers that can explain to us what's happening. I don't want to return the Roamio and get a Premiere but if that's the only way I can utilize MRV on my network, then I might need to do that.

Come on TIVO, step up and at least admit that something got missed with the Roamio MVR and home networks. Hopefully, it can be fixed with a software patch of some kind.

Sorry for the Rant!
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