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Another MOCA Issue

I've contacted TiVO support several times so far without luck... I'm hoping someone can help here.

I'm trying to set up a base Roamio & a Mini to work on my home Moca network.
The Roamio has a Moca adapter & the Mini plugs directly into the coax from the wall.

The other Moca adapter creating the network is adjacent to my cable modem & wireless router. The output of the adapter goes to a splitter that feeds 2 coax locations in my house including the Roamio & mini noted above.

Issue is this.... when I plug in just the Mini, Moca works. When I plug in just the Roamio, Moca works. When I plug them in together, the Mini doesn't see the Moca and doesn't work.

I don't yet have the POE filter installed and am waiting on it. I also have oddball coax run through my house (NEK Cable Type RG62 AWG22 Flourofoam.....). Could power loss due to the cabling & POE filter be the cause of my issues??

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So both devices are on the moca adapter's "RF OUT" coax leg? I'm a little surprised 1 works, actually. I didn't know if the moca signal traveled that way or not. But I suspect that's the basic root of the problem... one moca adapter being on the RF out leg of another moca adapter. I don't know enough to explain exactly why, but that's popped up once or twice here.

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Scooby Doo
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I doubt power is the issue. It sounds more like self-interference. How exactly do you have the adapter and Tivos connected? Is there a TV signal (ota or cable) on the same coax and if so how exactly do you have that connected?

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