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Originally Posted by betts4 View Post
Bump -

I am bumping this because a friend of mine and I were talking about this yesterday. We came to the conclusion that the AFF would have been a good candidate for being a fan of some sort of science fiction or fantasy.
AFF is a LOT like my mom.

My mother isn't interest in fiction, at all. She just has no use for it. She enjoys reading biographies and for a time aspired to do technical writing. She still hopes to be a writer but tends to draw all of her stories from real life. She's a bookkeeper and has taken several accounting courses and really enjoys number-crunching. She once said that she'd like to work in a movie studio's accounting department because she knows there are not many people who can balance accounts with hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars down to the penny (which she ALWAYS does) so they would have a need for her skill. She was shocked when I laughed at her and told her the LAST thing the studios want is their financials accounted for to the last penny.

She is pragmatic, empirical, and very cool in her emotions. She struggles with personal relationships because she applies logic to situations and cannot understand when people react with emotion instead of reason.

She IS a Star Trek fan, but only TOS and only because she used to watch it when she was a young, wild college student and had a crush on William Shatner. She read the first Harry Potter book because I raved about the writing and wanted to see the writing technique firsthand. She stopped after the first book because she felt that from a writing technique standpoint, she had gotten what she needed from it and she had no interest in a story about magic.

Over the years I've gotten her to read bits of Pern, Robt. Jordan, and a few other fantasy novels. She's occasionally found some of the characters interesting, but was put off by dragons, monsters (orcs and the like), magic systems, and such. She believes I inherited my love of Star Wars genetically from my father as he was crazy about it and I am crazy about it, but he was not around to share it with me and she made no effort to, so can come up with no other explanation for me seeking it out at a fairly young age and being interested in it over several decades.

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I dunno. By all accounts, I should be a big sci fi fan. But I'm not.

I could see her being obsessive over classic fiction, though.

(Again, not a fan, while I should be)

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