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…and why are some SD channels the full height of the screen, and some 4:3 windowboxed inside of the 16:9? I honestly can't remember for sure, but IIRC EITHER ABC or NBC does it "right" most of the time. Others do it wrong all/most of the time.

(I record SD due to not having enough storage to store season(s) of tons of shows at a time.. yes, that can be bad when the hard drive goes bad… But I like being able to record a TON especially through one TV season across the summer.. semi-ironically, over Xmas break, I watched that last batch of "Outsourced" episodes off of my semi-flaky (OS-wise, not hardware wise) Tivo HD drive….. so I DO end up watching "old" stuff.)

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Originally Posted by Arcady View Post
If you take an image and chop off parts, you have just changed the aspect ratio.
In the terminology of the video encoder FFmpeg, there are two different items that it calls an "aspect ratio": the Display Aspect Ratio, which is the shape of the overall picture; and the Pixel Aspect Ratio, which describes the shape of each pixel within the video. Perhaps we can agree that the Discovery Channel's crop alters the DAR, but not the PAR.

BTW, I'm not trying to defend the practice, just describe it.

Edit: Apparently the Pixel Aspect Ratio is called the Sample Aspect Ratio in more recent versions of FFmpeg.


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I agree that there are different methods of changing the aspect ratio.

My point is that I don't like any of them. Others may not agree, and that's fine. But if they would broadcast it in the original aspect ratio, then that would leave it up to the viewer to use zoom, stretch, panel, or whatever mode they enjoy. If they alter it at the source, then we have no chance to watch it the way it was intended.

Funny side bit of trivia: I checked into a hotel this week, and the TV set in the room is set to automatically stretch all the SD channels to fill the screen. You can go in the menus and turn it off (set to 4:3) but it changes right back the next time you turn on the TV. That is so annoying!

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Here is odd one that I yet understand, TCMHD often boardcasts their interivews and commentary in a smaller 16:9 format inside 16:9 1080i; there black band on all sides, reducing the 16:9 image. Since these interviews\commentaries are new and clearly being taped in HD, I'm puzzled that they have decided to shrink it by about 25% so its a small 16:9 image inside a HD 16:9 format.

There no problem with movies shown on TCMHD; when they show movies in on TCMHD, they tend to leave the movies in the movie's orginal aspect ratio, thus either letterbox or panel box.

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I'd prefer not to lose picture data. If it needs black bars, fine, 4:3 stuff can be easily stretched.

The tricky one is ESPNU, which broadcasts a 16:9 image on a 480i 4:3 channel, so you have to zoom way in otherwise you end up with black on 4 sides. I was able to do it on the DVDO EDGE with the cable box with native, with the MCE PC putting out 1080p all the time, I had to resort to using the TV to fix it. I wish Comcast would carry ESPN U HD!

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