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Will my HDVR2 receivers still work if I upgrade to HD?

I am a Directv customer thinking about upgrading to HD but I also have 5 owned HDVR2s that I do not have to pay any extra fees for. My receiver in the living room is an older R16 (I believe) and I pay a leased fee for it. My question is if I upgrade to HD will my HDVR2s still work for SD. I know they have to install a new dish and I have had 2 different answers from different DTV reps. I would like to go to HD but I don't want to incur any additional costs other than HD programing fee and I want to keep my other receivers active. I realize I will only get HD on my main HD receiver if I upgrade.

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Yes, they'll still work, but the installer might not want to set them up to keep working. Here's the problem ....

An HD upgrade means you'll get a Single Wire Multiswitch dish. Those old Tivos are not compatible with the SWM technology. You *could* get a regular non-SWM dish with a SWM16 switch, and use the SWM16's four "legacy outputs" to feed a Zinwell WB616 multiswitch (or whatever multiswitch you used with those 5 HDVR2's). But this is not a standard installation and I doubt the installer will have that equipment, so you would need to do it yourself.

Also, note that activating those old Tivos will still incur a $6/mo "Receiver Fee", regardless of whether or not you own them.

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