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Programs labeled NEW but not

OTA network programs.
Is anybody else having this issue? Many programs in my guide show NEW after the title but the date is form days to months old and they are not new.

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That Don Guy
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I don't know about network programs, but I get this with syndicated episodes of 30 Rock that happen to be on the local NBC station.

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This happened all summer long to me with Touch. They were actually marked as repeats but ended up recording anyway even though I had it set for first run only. The recordings in the NPL displayed the "New" tag however.

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Old 09-22-2012, 09:49 AM   #4
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I see this every day on pretty much every channel. Generally speaking, I pick up the right shows. There are, however, a few channels that will pick up every episode listed on an SP (for 'new only') even though the reruns are marked reruns. This can be a major PITA on cable channels, where episodes are re-run a zillion times.

I have pretty much given up trying to figure this one out, as it's been that way for years. There are a few of my shows that I just go through each week and manually set up the recording. It seems like some channels, like E! and Comedy Central, are the worst. I have to routinely go through my 'to do' list and delete reruns that are being auto-scheduled.

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This has been discussed at length numerous times. The "NEW" flag is generated by the TiVo and is mostly based on the Original Air Date, although there seem to be some other unknown criteria at work also. The "R" flag is generated by Tribune and is not used at all by the TiVo, merely displayed.

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Heck, all last week "The Late Show with Dave Letterman" was in repeats according to TiVo and Tribune, and I had to force it to record the show....

Nothing new here. Their program info is junk. Always check behind what the Season Pass programs.

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