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Exclamation 09/14/2012 - new episode of Touch

Sorry, everyone - I forgot to post about this until just now.

Fox is airing a new episode, The Road Not Taken, of Touch this evening (Friday, September 14, 2012). From what I can determine, it is a season one episode that was held over (I have no idea why) until now. So storyline wise, it occurs before the events of the season one finale. The episode will air at 8 eastern/7 central.

If you watch the show, you might want to check your season passes.

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I actually knew this (only because my SP picked it up and I check the To Do list fairly frequently).. But I didn't even realize the show was renewed..

The funny thing is I recorded the pilot, then killed my SP mostly because I was recording too much stuff.. But when they started showing it at 11PM Saturday, I made another SP to potentially have more stuff to watch in the summer.. But still didn't watch them.. heh..

The totally weird thing is that since it's renewed, I might NOT keep recording them and just catch them on netflix some eon instead. (Though there seem to be FAR fewer new shows this season that I care to try out..)

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I was wondering what was going on. At first I thought it was an episode I somehow missed last season. Then I thought maybe the guide data was messed up.

They did something similar last year when it premiered. They showed the first episode weeks before the official start date of the season. SO you watch it expecting the show to start airing episodes, only to realize you have to wait a while to see more of them.

So I watched this thinking that the season had started, only to find out that the season won't start until October 26th. I hate it when they do this.

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My DVR missed it.

I replaced the hard drive a couple weeks ago, and was gradually getting my Season Passes (Series Links) set up, waiting till shows started showing up in the guide to put them in.

Didn't think Touch started till October, so I hadn't put it in yet, and didn't want to set up autorecord and have it record all the Saturday reruns.

Hoping they re-air it in the Saturday night slot before the real season starts, or I might have to get it by other means.


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Originally Posted by phox_mulder View Post
Hoping they re-air it in the Saturday night slot before the real season starts, or I might have to get it by other means
If you miss it, no big deal. It doesn't really contribute to the arch of the series. I did think it was a pretty good episode. It explains the backstory a bit, about why he moved to NY, etc.

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