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The time has come to have the site move into the current web world with new software. So at this time TiVo Community is currently going through a complete migration to a new platform.

Sorry to say not 100% sure when this will be done...But we hope sometime by early this afternoon. We will try to keep you posted in this message.

Please remember that until things get cached in the system, the site may be slower as things build. As we complete this and progress on with the new software, we may need to close the site from time to time to make some changes. So please kindly understanding this over the next few days as we make adjustments.

When the site does reopen, and you are a member, you will need to login. Your current password would have been converted over, so no worries.

Thank you.


7:00AM ET - Site was closed and migration start.
7:37AM ET - Data import going well. Was just a little delayed due to firewall settings. (Opps!)
7:55AM ET - Still going well. :)
8:47AM ET - CRASH!!! (Only kidding) All is still progressing as planned.
9:33AM ET - La, la, la...Still watching data get imported. Oh what fun! (NOT!)
11:03AM ET - Still going. Slower than expected, but the good news is no issues thus far. :)
12:30PM ET - Ran into an importer issue. So this has made for a delay. Augh! "Feel my Pain!"
1:00PM ET - Back on track and looking good again. Gulp! :)

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