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"=newpost" links on the site?

I get instant email notifications of subscribed posts.

In each of these emails, there is a link which includes a "&goto=newpost" URL parameter, which does exactly what we want it to do.

Say I get 10 notifications of thread updates, and I only look at ONE of them, that seems to reset the notification flag for ALL subscribed threads. So if I just check one thread, I'll get dozens of new emails on updated threads, even though I never viewed those threads. At least when I *do* check those pending threads, the "&goto=newpost" does what I expect it to do, and takes me to the last unread post in each thread, regardless of the last time I logged on.

But there are two problems -- First, my TCF email folder gets overrun with dozens and dozens of duplicate thread notifications. Second, there's no place (I can find) on the TCF website that allows me to view all subscribed thread AND that also use "&goto=newpost". Yes, on the USER CP, I can click on "View all Subscribed Threads" link, BUT the problem is, each of those thread links will take me to the LAST post in the thread, and not my own "last unread post". The links on the icon do not have "&goto=newpost", but rather, "p=9085853#post9085853" which is the last post.. That's NOT very helpful when I'm trying to pick up where I ACTUALLY left off in the thread.

Soooo... It would be nice if there were EITHER a way to suppress duplicate email notifications of threads I have NOT yet opened/read, OR somewhere on the site I could get a list of subscribed+unread threads WITH links that go to "&goto=newpost" and not "last post".

I ALSO don't find it useful to just look at the Topic list and scan for the "black dots" to find subscribed threads across several different sub-forums.

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