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Arrow Tivo Dropping Network Channels


Has anyone else had this issue?

I live in Dallas, and Have Directv (4 receivers, hooked up to 4 separate Tivo's). 3 of my Tivo's are 80 hour Series 2's, and the other is an 80 hour Humax DVD recorder with Tivo.

Over the past 2 weeks, all 4 of my Tivo's, at separate times, have lost the local channels in the lineup. The Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS channels, for some reason got turned off from the channel list in my tivo's. My other local channels, i.e. CW, UPN, etc are all still there.

Has anyone experienced this? I could see me being the only one if it only happend to one of my Tivo's, but to all 4, at different times. I live alone so I know no one else has been in them playing with them.

Please let me know..

thanks... mike
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I'd do two things....three, actually.

For starters, I'd never have waited this long.

Second, I'd call TiVo and tell them.

Third, I'd call DirecTV and tell them.

Can you still manually tune those channels, or are they just GONE from your service?

Can you record them on the TiVo side of things if you CAN tune them in?

Details you haven't given us could affect what suggestions the more informed (than me) board members can make.
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Thanks for your reply, as I had stated, this is NOT a DirecTv issue. it is a Tivo issue only.

I am looking for someone else that has experieced this as Tivo CS say's it must be isolated to me. It happened to my 3 80 hour Series 2's over the past 2 weeks, and I kept checking on here to see if anyone else had experienced it, but no posts. When I discovered this morning, it had now happened to my Humax DVD 80 hour recorder, I chose to post the question out here.

To explain again, and in more detail, in the Channel List in the Tivo Setup, of all the channels turned on, only my 4, 5 8, and 11 (local networks) had been turned off, as if someone went in and manually turned each of them off, but I know 100% for a fact that did not happen.

I do know that when Tivo detects a change in the satellite lineup, they automatically turn those channels on, my suspect opinion is thinking they had an issue and turned off the channels by a programming error.

This is not the only time Tivo has screwed up our DVR's with a downloaded change, I was just looking to see if anyone else has experienced any of their valid, turned on channels getting mysteriously turned off in the Tivo Channel List.


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