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Originally Posted by marklyn View Post
Well, I'd like to believe that the TWC guy that was in my attic and suggested the amp in the first place gave me something that would not be likely to cause these problems, but I know that's not always the case. He did seem knowledgeable about moca & Tivos based on the various conversations we had about both.
So far I'm good but I'm closely monitoring tx/rx levels, dB and SNR levels at least twice a day just to make sure nothing strange happens.

I'll call TWC as suggested but can you tell me what, specifically, to ask them to check? Also, if they inquire as to why I'm asking, I just say I want to compare to my levels?

Thanks again.
Originally Posted by marklyn View Post
I just remembered that I did see some RDC and FDC levels in one of the TA diags screens but I didn't notice the levels. Is there some particular level, or threshold, I should notice for either one of those?
Do those related to the potential problem for upstream issues related to the amp?
Yes, the potential problem is directly related to the amp in use.

Unlike the user of a TA, who can only read the received levels, and sometimes how high a level the TA has to transmit, to "push" the return channel through, the cableco can read everything, as in everything you can see, plus the values that show your return signal strength at their end, and the SNR on it.

It's not complicated (unless you get a lazy rep, or one in the wrong department). All you have to do is ask them to "check all my signals, please". If they want to know why, say "I've been seeing some (whatever) issues on some channels, and want to make sure I'm within the right ranges, and if you see any problems or excessive errors". If the rep you speak with has more questions before willing to take a look, starts talking about truck-rolls, or otherwise seems not willing to do their job, hang up and call back.

They can do the same for your Cable Modem, as in seeing what the return levels are by the time they get all the way back, the return SNR, plus all the values you can see on your own.

Yes, the potential for TA issues telemark brought up, I agreed with, and is still an "unknown", is related to if that amp if the right amp for the job. If it was installed before you had a TA, it was at the time (but might no longer be). If it was installed after you got a TA, it should be (in a perfect world, with the right guy installing it). Making that call and accurately reporting back what they say will be easier than writing up a guide and map to every screen and every value you care about. Plus, there's still those values only they can see. They should have no issue repeating things back to you, so that you can write them down. Just tell them you are writing them down, and ask them to read them off accordingly.

Some amps support return (RDC) signals on all the outputs and/or amplified ports. You seem to have one that has unamplified ports for devices with a RDC, like your cable modem (and the TA), while the amplified ports MIGHT not. Nobody seems sure your amplified ports are designed for a RDC.

One way to test the questionable ports is to put your cable modem on one of them (or all of them), and compare the RDC power level of your cable modem readings screen. If it spikes being moved to the questionable ports, that's a strong indicator that it's not the best amp for what you are currently using it for. You can expect the downstream levels to spike, due to the amp. But, the RDC (upstream) should stay about the same as it was. That value spiking high, means the CM (or TA) has to strain, just to get the RDC through. Both the straining, and resulting high RDC levels, are not desirable for problem-free (especially in the long-term) operation.

If you hook up your Cable Modem to the questionable ports, and it can't come up operational (make sure to give it 20 minutes to try), I'd suggest thinking about a different amp, or asking TW to take care of it, since it sounds like they chose it, and installed it.

Or, again, if all is working well, and you are not having any issues, you can always opt to just hope it stays that way, and skip all this, at least until you run into problems down the road (if you do).

I'm a perfectionist, and always think down the road. I'm not the "good enough" type (obviously).

TiVo is dead!... Long live TiFaux?...

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Wow, great information. I'll read and re-read it again to better digest and act upon. I will call TW this weekend for sure and ask about the signals, I'll give everything in place a few days to be sure I don't have any issues.
Knock on wood but thus far modem signals and TA signal strengths are excellent and my TX/RX numbers are very good (270-280ish) so anything streaming to the mini's seems to be good.

Thanks again for the valuable information, it won't go to waste, I'll look into in this weekend.

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