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Originally Posted by jfh3
Just because the RF design is not what you apparently want it to be, doesn't mean there is/was a design problem.

It's not reasonable for Tivo to expect a "perfect" signal, but it is also not reasonable to expect that Tivo will over-design RF to compensate for poor cable company practices (which is apparently what Motorola and the other DVR makers that sell boatloads of DVRs to the MSOs do).
The TiVo HD cable RF front end is a P.O.S., at least the unit I own.

Forget about over-design, my front end DOESN'T WORK WITH IN-SPEC SIGNALS.

ANSI/SCTE 105 2005
Requirement 19: The Uni-Directional Receiving Device shall tune
and receive digital 256-QAM signals over the RF input level range
signal from 12 dBmV to +15 dBmV.

I have posted previously how I had lots of trouble with an input of -9 dBmV and some trouble with an input of -6 dBmV. I'm now running about +5 dBmV and the box seems to work OK.

My original signal was weaker than the "nominal" 0 dBmv, but the P.O.S. TiVo should have been able to decode it. My HDTV tuner has absolutely no problem decoding that signal level.

If I were the CEO of TiVO, I'd personally escort the people who designed this product out the door. There are probably 10,000 engineers in Silicon Valley who could have done a better job with the hardware and with the software.

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