View Full Version : Oscars recording set up on wrong channel

02-20-2009, 02:04 PM
Since I can never remember what the year is in the ### annual Academy awards, I figured TiVo Search would be useful to find and schedule a recording for the Oscars.

It was since it found them right away by typing "AC". It wanted to record it on the antenna channel 6-1 WPVI-DT (ABC), but I wanted to use the cable simulcasted version of WPVI-DT, channel 231. So I used the options to change it to channel 231 and it then asked me if I wanted to extend the recording so I said, yes extend it "30 minutes".

The problem here is that the actual scheduled recording was on "6-1" and wasn't extended.

So I had to schedule the recording on 231 (with the extension) without TiVo Search and the cancel the one on 6-1.