View Full Version : 5ch Stereo when viewing analog?

07-10-2007, 09:27 AM
First off, my digital channels all come in with perfect audio. However, out in the sticks, most of the locals are still analog.

My TiVo is using HDMI for video direct to the TV, and TOSLink for audio going into my Denon AVR2802. The Denon is set to automatically detect whether the signal is analog or digital.

As I said, when the channel itself is digital, I get the correct audio out of the receiver. My preference would be that when the S3 is tuned to an analog channel, that it output an analog signal to my Denon, which would detect analog audio, and enable the 5ch stereo output. What happens instead is that the TiVo is still sending a digital signal, and I only get audio out of the front speakers. This makes for a large volume difference between analog and digital channels.

Would hooking up a pair of RCA cables from the TiVo to my receiver do the trick - does the S3 do switching like that?

07-10-2007, 10:24 AM
Your Denon can't selectively apply PLII or 5ch stereo when you have stereo via toslink? I'd check into that first. The manual should be available on Denon's website, btw.

Anyway, I imagine if you hook up analog stereo outs on the Tivo, it will output audio on both toslink and analog. The problem would be that the Denon would have to switch between audio inputs.