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07-03-2007, 05:26 PM
Pleas help
My tivo was working fine with a direct connect from the cable. Today we had verizon fios installed and I now have a motorolla box. The installation guy left saying everything should work fine. Of course he did not mean the Tiv

I had it set up so I could watch tv on on input and record a tivo on another input. Now Input 1 is my motorloaa box- works. Input 2- went through all the Tivo set up. when I request live tv the information at the top of the screen gives me channel listings, time but the actual picture ( channel) does not change. The channel numbers on the motorollla box is changing so I know the IR is working. Why is the pciture not changing? Can anyone help me get this hooked up right. I spent hours trying this afternoon the diagrams and on phone advice from tivo has not helped.

07-03-2007, 06:16 PM
I just converted from Comcast to FIOS myself.
I have a SII single tuner Tivo. I requested an extra cable box dedicated to the Tivo. But Yours shouldn't be that much deferent. The only restriction you will have is not being able to record one channel while watching another.

I also suggest using the serial interface instead of the IR blaster. The serial interface plugs into your Tivo into the 1/8 inch jack (looks like a headphone jack) labeled "serial", the other end will plug into the 9 pin data connection on the cable box labeled "data". Most Tivos came from the factory with this cable.

Next make sure you go thru guided setup on your Tivo and select FIOS for a cable provider. The TV and the TIVO should have the same picture, the only reason it may not is that you are watching TV using the buffer in the Tivo.

Post more details such as the exact inputs and outputs you are using for the video and cable signals.

07-03-2007, 07:01 PM
You need to hook the cables from the cable box to the tivo, not directly to the TV. Tivo needs to be seeing the cable box's video output if it's going to record off the cable box.

07-03-2007, 07:37 PM
so cable from wall to spliter. spliter to cable box and then to tivo?

07-03-2007, 08:23 PM
No real need for the splitter at all, unless you want to send one side directly to the TV to watch analog cable live.

07-04-2007, 05:05 PM
Cable only option with FIOS only has maybe 10 - 20 channels, the rest are local access (usually no programmig). Thats why I went with a set top cable box with my SII.