View Full Version : "FROZEN" TV SCREEN

06-23-2007, 10:55 PM
I have a RS-TX20, Comcast cable box with wireless modem. The past few months when I turn it on, I often find the TV screen frozen and on a different channel than I left it on (I live alone). I have all but stopped using my Tivo to record because it nearly always freezes when I do schedule a recording--but not ALWAYS. To unfreeze, I have to unplug and reboot. I'm not very knowledgeable about electronics but would appreciate any suggestions. I do NOT have TivoPlus.

06-23-2007, 11:22 PM
When you say you don't have "TiVoPlus", should we understand you to be saying you don't pay for TiVo service, instead using "TiVo Basic" on a TiVo/DVDrecorder?

Nobody really uses the term "TiVo Plus", since it's just plain old subscribed TiVo service.

Probably better to say you DO have "TiVo Basic" since THAT's the odd duck.

As for your machine's antics, can't see that'd be affected by your machine being subbed or not.

My guess is hard drive failure.

Since you say you're not very knowledgeable about electronics, I'm going to guess you're no expert on cloning computer hard drives either (or putting software onto a drive using an "image").

That being the case, you may find the best route is to buy a pre-prepared replacement drive, and install it yourself. (It's sort of like "pull a glove off your hand, put another glove on" simple.)

You can find these pre-prepared drives here at the Community Store, at www.weaknees.com, and one or two other places. They're not cheap, but they'll save your TiVo.

If you know someone who's good with computers and don't mind asking them for a favor, they might be able to try the other (cheaper) method for you...putting the software on a blank drive you bought at a store. (For drive images, you could try http://www.instantcake.com/ )