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06-21-2007, 04:45 PM
We have a new S2DT and use Season Passes extensively. We had an old Sony Series 1 equiv. TiVo unit and we could set up a Season Pass for a given show title which would be associated with a default channel, and it would record the first available new episode of the show regardless of channel if the show was on available on several channels. This worked great for HBO shows which appear at different times depending on the channel feed selected.

On our new S2DT, this feature no longer seems to work. For a given Season Pass, all episodes of the show are shown for the various channels, but it will only automatically record the show on the default channel. So we are presented with the choice to make multiple Season Passes for the same show title or to fine tune things manually.

(An example of this would be Entourage on HBO for which we get the Eastern feed(channel 550) and Western feed (Channel 551) on our Comcast cable service. If we set up the Season Pass for 550, then the episodes on 550 and 551 are shown, but only the 550 episodes are managed automatically by the Season Pass. We can force it to record an episode on 551, but it will never do so automatically.)

Are we missing a setting or something? It seems strange that the service is smart enough to track the shows across channels, but not smart enough to record the first particular episode regardless of the (seemingly arbitrary) default channel of the Season Pass.

Thanks for any bits o' wisdom!

06-21-2007, 04:50 PM
TiVo Season Passes have always been channel specific. They only record from the channel they are set up for. (Confusingly the 'upcoming episodes' screen will show all occurences on all channels).

If you want to record one show across multiple channels you will either need 1 season pass per channel or an autorecording wishlist.

Autorecording wishlists will record from any channel in your 'channels I receive' list.

06-22-2007, 08:16 AM
We had an old Sony Series 1 equiv. TiVo unit

Did you have a Sony S1 and you're saying it was the equivalent of the S2 DT? or did you have some other DVR that you are saying was the equivalent of the Sony S1 TiVo?