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  1. The Free Space Indicator Thread
  2. The Editing Thread
  3. Frequently Made Suggestions - Read Before Posting
  4. Realistic TiVo Series 3 wishlist
  5. Tivo/phone deal
  6. Dish Network Support
  7. Media Option
  8. Recorded show >< Live TV jump button
  9. Window within window
  10. Computer OS Survey
  11. Better Transfer functionality
  12. Cancel AND delete
  13. Podcast
  14. Podcast URL - Enter from PC
  15. HD TiVo (non-DirecTV) - wish list
  16. Reminder option (2 shows on at once)
  17. Online ToDo List
  18. WPA[2] support in Tivo? How can we make them?
  19. A suggested music addition...
  20. View folders in Tivo2Go
  21. Lifetime Service vs Warranty
  22. Multi Room Synchronization
  23. Support newer wireless adapters!
  24. Transfering programs from Tivo to Tivo (aka friend to friend)
  25. Personal Wallpaper
  26. Ability to set episode number/series wishlist
  27. Partition space between husband and wife
  28. Channel Changing
  29. *nevermind*
  30. web server in TiVo
  31. Smarter parental controls
  32. Overlap protection should dig deeper for a non-conflicting airing...
  33. Cable Box - On/Off Status
  34. number the menus
  35. More Robust Dish Network 322/522 Support
  36. season pass variables and tivo desktop deletes
  37. Record marathon option
  38. Music search/sort enhanced capability
  39. Minor annoyance: TiVo Desktop tray icon not hidable on XP
  40. USB Disk Storage for MP3s/Pictures
  41. Deleting Shows from TiVo Desktop
  42. master tivo -subordinate tivo(s) and a bit bucket
  43. You have played this program before!
  44. Push shows to Peer TiVo
  45. Upgrade Number of Tuners
  46. DVD Recording - Let me choose Split location!
  47. Movie Search
  48. Faceplate 'glow' changes color by function
  49. Program Information on Now Playing
  50. Automatic Shutoff Option In Desktop
  51. SD-DVR40-R Refurbished Tivo.
  52. Recording icon/notation in guide menu
  53. Let me decide which tivo to record from when networked
  54. Enable USB port for external hard drive
  55. Support in2TV when it comes out
  56. Resume Play
  57. Play video from desktop computer
  58. Timeline view...
  59. Automated Playback
  60. How about a "Previously Viewed" notation
  61. Optional "Delete from Tivo" when transferred to PC
  62. SpeedView: Accelerated viewing with sound.
  63. GUI Option
  64. Comcast & HDMI
  65. TiVo Service in Mexico
  66. Flagging multiple shows
  67. Bigger Menu
  68. Pay-per view movie label
  69. Make Tivo Play ALL File Formats
  70. Hibernate Mode
  71. Web Cam viewer application
  72. Some Other TiVo Desktop related ideas
  73. Notes per recording - suggestion
  74. Wireless Input Devices
  75. Find me a free space to record this show
  76. Previous button on Tivo remote
  77. TiVo has streaming music, why not steaming video
  78. .mpg - setting the episode / description / information
  79. Choice of category for Tivo Suggestions
  80. Old eye request
  81. Select Season Pass Record Times
  82. SAP or something like it for the blind
  83. No Ep ID - No record.
  84. Tivo Guide needs updated
  85. Searchable Podcast Directory
  86. Pandora for tivo
  87. TiVo Brand Computer Interface Cards
  88. New Tivo, no Ethernet port?
  89. Add "Keep Until" option to default Recording Settings
  90. May some one let me know about Tivo Please?
  91. Parental Control for Live TV
  92. Build a High End Media Center
  93. Sonic? Tivo has to give us better
  94. Program Guide Suggestion
  95. Scroll Blanker..
  96. Program information banner
  97. Episode numbers in description
  98. Move to DVD - option at copy time
  99. If you really want to see what TiVO should be
  100. (Automatically) Synchronize 2 tivos
  101. USB port suggestions...
  102. Caller ID
  103. American Idol
  104. Deleted "suggestions" should = automatic thumbs down.
  105. Recording and Getting Show Info
  106. useful web "calendar"
  107. 3 Thumbs down should = never record
  108. Multi room viewer should be able to delete when done viewing
  109. video podcast
  110. Dialing-In
  111. I would like to see a "Sleep timer" function added to tivo
  112. Change Channel After Recording
  113. tivo 2 go for mac
  114. detection of multiple airings of first-run shows
  115. USB Camera would be nice...
  116. Program on other tivo using HMO
  117. Let us dial directly to our boxes, no more of this web site junk.
  118. Advanced Wishlist
  119. VOD and More showcases
  120. TiVo's most annoying feature
  121. Moviebeam (available again and is different from original) and TiVo should merge!
  122. "Season Pass" for a movie
  123. 30 Minute Buffer
  124. advertising TIVO-please help
  125. Watch feature!
  126. 7.2.2 "Deleted Shows" refinements
  127. More controlled Suggestions, non recording timer
  128. Creating folders on Now Playing
  129. menu navigation
  130. Tivo USB adapter recent purchase
  131. Tivo Remote Control Suggestion
  132. TiVo select the "best" occurence of a show
  133. The ability to listen to Purchased iTunes music via TiVo
  134. DirecTV DVR Flaws
  135. Wishlist False Positive
  136. No Lifetime subscription? What?! wtf?
  137. Better Thumbs control
  138. Playlists
  139. Web Site Remote Administration
  140. Add "Up Time" to System Info Screen
  141. Dump Sonic
  142. Series 3 [HD] Suggestion: Giving Priority to SD-Upconvert/SD-Analog for Recording
  143. Season Pass for a show on any channel
  144. Transfer then Delete
  145. Wish List for my Tivo......
  146. I Cant believe i seem to be the only one
  147. Tivo users need e-mail support!
  148. Does Tivo have a way to skip commercials?
  149. Tivo Feature Request
  150. Move shows that will be deleted to recently deleted before space needed
  151. Auto-Resume on paused transfers?
  152. Resume and "Play from Beginning"
  153. I would like recording tags.
  154. Option to add notes to programs / Program Bookmarks.
  155. 7.2.2 - Tivo Suggestions sort options
  156. Remove items from "Recently Deleted" based on delete date
  157. Record a TiVo Suggestion then return to last channel actually viewed
  158. To Do list GRID display
  159. Out of Sync
  160. Season Pass alerts
  161. Order of "Programs to Record"
  162. allow transfer of a whole folder instead of just individual shows
  163. How About Wireless Built In???
  164. Channels
  165. Don't suggest thumbed-up shows!
  166. Add Calender Style Program Planner
  167. New Season Alert....
  168. I'd like to see sub-folders
  169. How about file attributes
  170. Keep only X number of episodes
  171. How about some useful information?
  172. New service rates too expensive
  173. About To Start Recording...
  174. Any plans to support Dolby Digital?
  175. Faster access to information
  176. Enable Closed Captioning feature in TiVoToGo transferred media
  177. Tell Which DVR To Record Program
  178. 7 Second Replay Button
  179. Cable-box power check prior to recording...
  180. Allow tivo remote to power off a/v receiver
  181. Family Watch list
  182. Tivo-style p2p for distribution?
  183. Audio levels management
  184. Guide and Now Playing suggestion: Don't leave the channel!
  185. Series 3 Season Pass fail safe option
  186. stop sending me obvious messages
  187. Series 3 and older unit ugrade suggestions
  188. a neat feature for PVR would be...
  189. Switch Tuner Button
  190. disable 30 minute buffer on standby
  191. Suggestions Record All Parts please
  192. Fix "press thumbs up" bug during fast forward!
  193. Anyone have experience with slingbox?
  194. Restrict recording by times in season pass
  195. A feature I'm sure we'd all like to see...
  196. TiVo Desktop support for IPTV/torrents
  197. gsriii Recording Problems
  198. Turn ON Cable Box
  199. Pending restarts, cooperation between Tivo's, Guide browsing, and tivolution
  200. upgrades
  201. Keep the Audio on when programing the TiVo
  202. Icons for Items in Recording History
  203. Suggestions?
  204. TiVo for use as a graphic overlay genlock
  205. Easy External HD Setup
  206. Pause Bar Stays Up Too Long!
  207. Is there a way to do this?
  208. TiVO Lake House Madness
  209. Idea for another way of determining recording priorities...
  210. disable suggestions for specific channels
  211. Tranfer with Delete Option
  212. Sorting Tivo Come Back folder
  213. 1.5x FF speed - normal sound?
  214. Series 2 DT Users Unite
  215. alternate season pass view , mark as viewed/unviewed
  216. Return to last live channel after recording
  217. Shows in Chronological Order
  218. No sound on network, commercials ok
  219. Folders and/or streaming for Home video option with series 2
  220. automatic "chapter" detection + commercial move
  221. Keyword Wishlist to not record certain programs with the keyword in it.
  222. Stop Recording and Delete from Now Playing
  223. Tivo Suggestions: Sort by date/time
  224. Molly Wood or all the Cnet videos
  225. Editing recordings
  226. Foreign as a Movies Sub-category
  227. Priority of Season Passes by Day of Week
  228. Buffering something useful
  229. Recording conflits suggestion
  230. Let user enter alternate media key in TiVo desktop
  231. Screen saver and guide listing information.
  232. Broadband Content Suggestion
  233. Record specific years/seasons of a show
  234. Disable a Season Pass entry
  235. Support WPA
  236. Preferences Download/Backup
  237. Tivo Central -- show me *my* channels, not all of 'em!
  238. Recording History / Season and Episode Number
  239. Option to preview channel when selecting "channels I receive"
  240. TivoBack and Folders
  241. Co-operative Scheduling
  242. Folders and Logos
  243. Tivo Central - To Do List
  244. Series 1 Lifetime Sub. TXFR
  245. Notify Before installing new service update
  246. KidZone on/off->settings should be retained
  247. Recently Deleted List
  248. Fear and Loathing after Update
  249. more ideas
  250. Tivo and Slingbox